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Thread: Overstay In US

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    Overstay In US

    my brother has overstayed his visit visa for two months....when can he apply for a visa???...When do you recommend he should apply??

  2. #2
    If he has overstayed his visa is cancelled automatically.

  3. #3
    but can he apply for one again??? And if he can when should he?

  4. #4
    He can reapply for visa when he is back in his country but he must show a good and credible reason for his overstay.

  5. #5
    There is no such thing as a good or credible reason for an overstay. He must apply for a waiver of his time illegaly in the U.S. Generally once you overstay you never get another visa again.

  6. #6
    tell your irresponsible brother to contact two people in order to get his visa returned to him...Sour Krot and some moron named moschino....these two apparently know everything about visas....

  7. #7
    if you have overstayed then getting the visa again will be a problem for you! hope you can provide some good reason for the overstay, other wise say dasvidania friend.

  8. #8
    Overstays may be barred from returning to the U.S. for 3 or 10 years, depending on the period of overstay .

  9. #9
    But can he apply for one again???

  10. #10
    Hey, guys. I am kind of new to this whole thing, so I will ask the question here since I did not find another appropriate thread.

    What kind of working Visa would I need if I decide to leave the US for a work experience abroad?

    I found a site which arranges internships in New Zealand and they informed me that I would need to take care of the Visa process myself.

    Would the Visa type depend on the duration of my stay there or is it a universal Visa type? Would it also depend on which country you are applying from?

    Thank you in advance and sorry if it's a bit off-topic.

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