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Thread: N-652

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    I had my interview yesterday for my U.S Citizenship & everything went well. I passed all the test then he handed me a piece of paper saying that " You passed the tests of English and U.S history and government but underneath it there is an x to "USCIS will send you a written decision bout your application" is it gonna be good or bad? I provided every documents he needed & besides he didn't ask me much about my marriage.. after interview & test he just photo copy all my documents & told me I'm good to go. I'm so worried because when i was at the immigration most of the people who passed their civic test already know when is their oath taking gonna be, how come the IO told me that i have to get their decision through mail? i need some advise. please?

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    Sometime the paper work at their end is not complete i.e. background check etc. or processing at their end is not complete. You have passed the test that is good and God Willing soon you will receive letter for Oath Ceremony.

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