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Roger Algase

Bloggings: Arnold Schwarzenegger Weighs in on Immigration Reform Against the Terminators. By Roger Algase

Everyone who cares about immigration reform should read Arnold Schwarzenegger's article in the April 30 Politico entitled: The immigration solution the nation needs.

Amid all the distortions by the anti-immigrant, white supremacist lobby, all the elaborate political and economic theorizing on both sides, all the confusion generated by the mass of detail in the 844 page Senate bill, and all the needs to cater to a great variety of interest groups with a stake in the reform debate, the immigrant, and former California governor's, article*stands out as a clear affirmation of what immigration really means to America.*

Governor Schwarzenegger writes:*

"It is also important to remember that in the United States, we aren't just affected by the immigrants coming in.*

We're hurt by the immigrants we are sending away."

He concludes:

"If the Gang of Eight is successful, we'll confront the dangers of our border while reminding the world that we are still the shining city on the hill that captured my imagination and harnessed my dreams. We will continue to be the world's great launching pad for achieving the impossible."

All Americans should take these words to heart as we move toward enacting reform, despite all the difficulties still ahead. Arnold Schwarzenegger's message should encourage everyone who is battling for CIR against its would-be Terminators.

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Roger Algase is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He has been practicing business immigration law in New York City for more than 20 years.

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