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Thread: Fiance Visa Query! Thank you in advance!

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    Fiance Visa Query! Thank you in advance!


    I studied abroad in California in 2010 and met my boyfriend. He came to visit me that summer back in London, and between March and December 2012 (after my graduation) I was travelling back and forth between LA and London. I was unaware, and made aware of a one day overstay in September when I went back in December. I was granted a 30 day parole and told upon return I would need a visa.
    My boyfriend and I have now been together for more than two years and before I left we got engaged. He will be visiting me this summer also.
    Would it be problematic for him to apply for a fiance visa when he returns to the US after his summer visit?

    Many thanks,


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    No problem. You've answered your own question. You were told you would need a visa and your fiancee is applying for one.
    This message brought to you by the vast right wing conspiracy.

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