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Chris Musillo


by Chris Musillo

Charles Oppenheim of the Department of State is the person
most responsible for
each month’s Visa
.  In a conversation with
, Mr. Oppenheim recently discussed projections for future Visa
Bulletins.  MU Law has spoken with Mr.
Oppenheim several times in the past and have always found that his projections
are well thought out and very accurate.

Here are some important notes from that conversation:

  • India EB2 will see very little movement in the
    foreseeable future.  Many immigrant
    visa applicants with old India EB3s are recapturing these dates in
    subsequent EB2 applications, thereby holding back the progression of India
    EB2.  Current numbers indicate that
    there are approximately 42,000 India EB2 cases in line with priority dates
    prior to May 2010.  These numbers
    cannot account for future upgraded India EB3s.

  • The USCIS and DOS have pre-adjudicated 44,000
    India EB-3 Applications with priority dates before August 2007.  Therefore it will be several years
    before India EB-3 progresses beyond that date.

  • There are 12,000 India EB3 cases with priority
    dates before January 2004, which means that India EB3 will not improve
    into 2004 for at least one or two years.

  • Worldwide EB-3 has 42,000 pre-adjudicated cases
    with priority dates before March 2007.  Still, the Worldwide EB-3 date is May
    2007.  Mr. Oppenheim did not say it,
    but it reasonable follows that many of these 42,000 Worldwide EB-3s likely
    have been abandoned.

Because it is impossible to predict how many
EB2s are upgraded to EB2, it is nearly impossible to predict future dates.  For instance, Worldwide EB3 had 1,100
upgrades in December 2012.  In 2007,
there were only 72 upgrades for the entire year. 

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