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Greg Siskind

Condoleeza Rice to Co-Chair Bipartisan Immigration Commission

Former Bush Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, former Clinton HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros, former GOP Party Chairman Haley Barbour and former Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell are the all-stars heading a new bipartisan commission to help push through immigration reform. The group will make substantive recommendations, but also hopes that its mere existence will hammer home the point that there is bipartisan support for reform.

Here's the link to learn more. .

Mamma Rubio Was Key to Son's Moderating on Immigration

If immigration reform passes, we may owe a thank you to Oriales Garcia Rubio.

Surprise! Anti-Immigrant Group's Poll Shows People Don't Support Legalization

Shocking. I'm amazed that all of the other polls taken by mainstream organizations (Gallup and ABC News two examples from just this week), showing that clear majorities support legalization were just wrong.

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