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Thread: How long does removal proceedings normally take?

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    Someone else filled out the form? He signed it didn't he? Did he read what whoever filled it out wrote? How could someone else fill it out without asking him for the details?

    In any event, removal proceedings last as long as the alien wants and can afford. If he wants he can leave right now.

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    he didnt speak english so some paralegal filled out the form and told him to sign. the form was filled out and sent to him to a different state to sign and return. but thats beside the point. i guess he got married while process was going on and didnt tell them.

    how long does removal process normally last? i dont get your answer

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    There is no time table my friend. Strange case

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    It depends on how hard the alien fights. A good attorney can tie it up in immigration court, appeals, then federal court for years.

    Usually an alien not in custody has one year before the first hearing, called the Master Calendar Hearing where the alien either submits to the government or makes a claim that he can remain. After than there is no time frame, but usually six months until the next hearing, then a year until the next hearing where the alien and the government present their cases.

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