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Thread: Wrong pictures - Application for Green Card and Travel Document

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    Wrong pictures - Application for Green Card and Travel Document

    While applying for my Greencard and Travel document, My lawyer sent my sisters photos attached with the forms instead of mine. What do you think the outcome of this will be? Am so anxious, please share if you have come across such trouble. Thank you.

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    Your lawyer is a dufus. Call him/her and demand they fix this. It's their mistake. They have to fix it. Call them and send them a letter so they can't say you didn't tell them. You hired them and they were paid to do a job. If they made a mistake, especially one as egregious as this, they have a duty to fix it quickly without causing you any more damages than already incurred.
    This message brought to you by the vast right wing conspiracy.

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    I would tell them what happened when you go to your fingerprint appointment. They can take another photo there.

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