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Joel Stewart

PERM Hot Information Technology Topics November 15, 2012

We are finalizing the speaker assignments for the November 15 telephonic conference on PERM Hot Topics. The session will deal with Information Technology positions and the discussion will include the following:

IT Occupations:  Which SOC codes may be used?

Employment Qualifications:  May IT professionals gain experience with the same employer or in subcontracted positions? What role does the FEIN play in validating experience with a " different "  employer?

What are the general rules for educational equivalencies?  Who may issue them?  What weight are they given?

Indian and other foreign diplomas:  What are their USCIS equivalencies to the US diplomas and by what authority?

Agencies and Expert Opinions:  How may they be used to bolster doubtful cases?

DSO (Designated Student Officers):  Problems in maintaining F-2 status and Optional Practical Training through SEVIS and STEM extensions?

H-1B Extensions for IT Professionals: How to work with the Cap Gap and long-term extensions while PERM cases are pending?

The speakers are Rami Fakhoury, Matt Morse, Rohit Turkhoud, Robert Banta and David Janklow, all highly qualified, nationally known specialists in the above areas.

Joel Stewart will be the panel moderator.

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Joel Stewart works exclusively in the area of immigration law. Joel Stewart has joined the Immigration Practice Group of the law firm of Fowler White Boggs as Of Counsel in the Firm's Fort Lauderdale office. Joel Stewart is the editor and author of THE PERM BOOK. Joel is also of counsel on PERM matters at the Fakhoury Law Group. He is Past President of the South Florida Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and is a nationally recognized authority on employment-based immigration matters and a popular speaker at immigration seminars for national and local bar associations throughout the United States. Mr. Stewart has been writing the BALCA Case Summaries for AILA and Immigration Law Today since 1987 and authors official AILA articles and publications such as the Visa Processing Guide for Procedures at U.S. Consulates and Embassies in Brazil and Portugal. Mr. Stewart writes weekly columns Brazilian newspapers and serves as in-house Counsel for the Brazilian Consulate in Miami, Florida.

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