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Thread: Bloggings: Statistics Emphasize the Dangers of Over-Simplifying the Deportation Proce

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    Bloggings: Statistics Emphasize the Dangers of Over-Simplifying the Deportation Proce

    Bloggings on Immigration Law


    Danielle Beach-Oswald

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    Deportation is a nightmare.My husband was arrested and taken out of our apt on a false charge. When I questioned it they told me if I didn’t shut up they would arrest me to. All the neighbors were shocked as I was. I called and they told me if I paid the fine he would be released. So I went around at 3:00 am waking people up to get the money. So by 7:00am I was waiting for him to be released. I was told it would take awhile. I was stupid I didn’t know they had called ICE to pick him up so about 3:30pm I am still waiting when my husband called and said they were not releasing him. You have no idea how that feels. What made it worse is I asked the officers several times and they told me it takes time. They knew the whole time.
    I went to get a copy of the police report and it had nothing about my husband’s arrest I got a copy of a call. There is more to this story. I went on the website and the false charge was changed to an immigration offense. So now he is waiting in jail facing deportation they told him he HAD to sign their form. I told him no but he believed they were helping him. I told him I wanted him to see the judge so that I could be there to explain why he should be allowed to stay. I even talked to the immigration person he told me I could do nothing. I had no rights as a spouse -no rights as an American. Deportation can devastate a person making them very ill that’s is what happened to me. They sent him back to die. He has had several family members killed due to the violence but no one cares only me .I am all he has and I cant even get him -him a green card because of the cost. Something needs to change its been 2 years and it still feels like yesterday.>>

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