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Greg Siskind

President's Lead With Hispanic Voters Growing

Latino Decisions is tracking Hispanic voters with a weekly poll regarding the 2012 election. Lots of good news for the President and the Democrats.

1. The President's lead has grown from 67% to 23% last week to 71% to 20% this week, a net improvement of 7 points.

2. Latinos will vote for Democrats in the House of Representatives over Republicans by a margin of 68% to 20%,.

3. 40% of Latinos report they are more enthusiastic in 2012 than 2008 to vote for President Obama compared to 32% who were more enthusiastic in 2008. Overall, 83% say they are enthusiasic to vote this year.

4. President Obama enjoys a favorability rating of 77% and Governor Romney is approved by 25% of Hispanic voters. Democrats in Congress are viewed favorably by 60% compared to 24% for Republicans.

5. When asked who was to blame for the President not keeping his promise to pass immigration reform in his first year in office, 25% blamed the President and 64% blamed the Republican Congress.

6. 57% feel the Democrats are doing a good job reaching out to Hispanics copared to 31% who think they don't care or are hostile. 17% feel Republicans are doing a good job reaching out to Hispanics compared to 71% who think the GOP doesn't care or is hostile.

7. 52% of Latino self-identify as Democrats, 28% as Independents and 14% as Republicans.

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