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Greg Siskind

Obama Crushing Romney With Hispanic Voters

Devastating news for Romney:

President Barack Obama has his largest lead in the NBC News/Wall Street
Journal/Telemundo oversample of Hispanic voters: 50 points.

leads Republican challenger Mitt Romney among Latino registered voters,
70 percent to 20 percent, and with an equal margin among likely Latino
voters, 71 percent to 21 percent. That is an increase of 15 points from
August, and outpaces Obama’s 2008 split (67 percent to 31 percent) over
John McCain.

Despite all the campaiging to undo the impressions made during the primary, Romney is actualy still losing Latino votes. The GOP was warned that their anti-immigration positions would cost them the White House, but they have been convinced that the issue is a winning one for them. Hopefully, the truth is now dawning on them.

Update: Markos thinks Obama could get 80%.

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