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Thread: IS there anything i can do as an adult sibling to help get my family to the states

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    IS there anything i can do as an adult sibling to help get my family to the states

    My father applied to get his wife and child a visa and it was denied. I dont understand why considering my father is a us citizen. Raised me my whole life in america only traveled overseas for work where he met his wife. Would it help if I had a lawyer here in the states assist me? I dont understand why my half sister ( she shares a father who is an american citizen) could be denied. I'm just wondering if there is anything i can do to help since i'm in the states. I fly to thailand and the phillippines every year or two to see them but I'd like to get them over here before my sister is grown so they can meet the rest of the family. IS there anything I can do?

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    Without seeing the denial notice, no attorney will be able to effectively assist you or tell you why their visas were refused. It could be something simple, such as insufficient documentation of your father's financial ability to support them, or something more challenging, like a finding of a misrepresentation. You and your father should gather copies of everything that was filed, and the denial notice, and consult a knowledgeable immigration lawyer to determine the reason for the denial and what options you have going forward.

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