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Thread: R1 Visa

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    R1 Visa

    I have an r1 visa from April 2008 until April 2013. I am out of the USA right now. I want to return in March 2013 to continue missionary work. But I must leave before the r1 expires on April 27th 2013, is that right? How can I renew the religious visa or is it not possible? Can I get another r1 visa? I think when I applied I got the r1 visa under old rules and so much paperwork was not needed. Can I apply for extension? Can I apply for green card right now?


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    Here are some tools to help you figure this out:

    If your missionary organization or church (whatever variety) is offering you a full-time position and is willing to seek immigrant status on your behalf, then it may file an I-360 on your behalf IF you qualify. It is not too simple or too difficult if you are qualified but its impossible if not qualified. Read up on the topic.

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    An employer might be able to file an I-360 immigrant petition for you if they and you qualify. There are very specific requirements spelled out in the regulations at 8 CFR 204.5(m).

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