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Thread: Immigration Law Q: Interview for removal of conditions thru waiver ~ then biometrics

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    Immigration Law Q: Interview for removal of conditions thru waiver ~ then biometrics

    I received my conditional GC on 10/2008 - We were married 6/2007 our marriage did not work out he was abusive and I filed a domestic abuse that night he put his hands on me - prior to filing I was admitted in the behavioral unit in the hosp for emotional abuse ,months before Next day my ex husband had me arrested for trespassing and he filed a Restraining Order against me I was arrested for the 2nd time accdg to him I violated the order
    By Feb 2009 we both agreed thru our lawyers I wont proceed with the domestic abuse case and he will drop the tresspasing case and the restraining order stayed. After a yr We were separated I filed a divorce- the removal of my conditions on 10/2010 . I received a NOA Jan this yr for an interview on Jan 22 The officer told me she will review my case as this is the first time she has seen my file. She needs to review them and I will received a decision within 60 days - July 4, I made an info pass and the officer ( not the one who interviwed me prior) stamped my passport for a yr extension -this is the 3rd time my passport has been stamped for extension.and told me I dont need to come back She also mentioned since I was arrested it takes time- and asked me if I submitted all the depositions I said yes - I gave them all they needed - Its in my file it seems nobody has looked at my case for a long time.
    Yesterday I received a NOA for biometrics - I did biometrics before I was interviwed - will I be interviwed again? Hopefully they will just send me a card
    Any comments on my case will be appreciated


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    Please if someon has a similar situation as I have kindly share your experience - I am wondering why am I being asked for anothe biometrics - after I was interviewed - my interview was like " Ok let me read your files as Vermont just sent it here And You will get results in the mail after 60 days -
    Now im beingasked for a biometrics


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    I had my biometrics last Tue July24 - do you think I will be called for another interview? Or hopefully they will send me my permanenet card - Any thoughts?

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