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Thread: Blogging: Most Recent Statistics Show that 62 Percent of All Federal Criminal Convictions Are For Immigration Related Crimes by Matthew Kolken

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    Article: Blogging: Most Recent Statistics Show that 62 Percent of All Federal Crimina

    Bloggings on Deportation and Removal

    Matthew Kolken

    Jul 10, 2012

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    Oh, the bad seeds began many generation in their past, Prescott Bush, the Nazi sutpproer, George Herbert Walker Bush, the wimp, and has been passed down to the younger generation.That alcoholic gene has been passed on to the Bush twins, Jenna & Barbara, and of course the gene that causes ****tiness and drug addiction is very present in those two.How about Jeb's daughter, the one that was caught trying to fill fake prescripsions for tranquilizers? How about the fact that Dennis Hastert went to **** Cheney and told him about the pedophile, in their midst, Mark Foley, over a year ago and Cheney told Dennis to "keep it under his hat."He said that if the news got out, the Democrats would accuse the Republicans of being anti-***.Doesn't he know, with his close family ties to *******ism, that being *** and being a pedophile are two completely different issues?My guess is that he too, is a several sandwiches short of a picnic.

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