I am volunteering as a senior research assistant at Temple University's psychology department. I have got an opportunity to conduct a study and I wanted to take up a topic close to my heart.

This post concerns you if you are in the USA on a dependent visa (H4/F2 ) that prohibits employment. I would like to conduct a study that assesses the quality of life of people on dependent visas and hope to help bring attention to the circumstances they face as a result of their visa status.

The study would ask people on dependent visas to complete various multiple-choice questionnaires online, measuring psychological states. Participation would be completely voluntary. If you would be willing to participate in such a study when it is approved, please email me at vijaitaMahendra@gmail.com.

Participation would be completely voluntary, but any help would be highly appreciated. Kindly forward it to relevant people in your network, spouse's office and neighborhood.

Thanks for your time!

Vijaita Mahendra (MPhil, MSc)
Senior Research Assistant
Adult Anxiety Clinic at Temple
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA