My friend is off to the Lawyer tomorrow good news this Lawyer has being referred . I was helping them with some of the forms etc .On the 864-a it mentions that if the immigrant has income that can be considered wi the spouses who is also the sponsor . The 864-a basically is about the household member being sponsored ..
Has anyone gone through this process successfully recently and if so how long did the wait for the Eat document also the spouse and husband the immigrant combined income is appx 43,000 they have all their tax returns etc . Now the Spouse who is sponsoring her husband has a job offer with a salary of $65,000 .Any positive advice appreciatted.As i mentioned the husband has entered the USA legally and has filed taxes even got tax refunds over the past few years .
Oh they filed the I-130 a few months back and thats not approved or denied .
Thanks you all,

Mary J