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Thread: Immigration Law Question: Help needed re mistake on Naturalization Certificate.

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    Immigration Law Question: Help needed re mistake on Naturalization Certificate.

    My friend filed the I-130 for her spouse a few months ago(April) and go a receipt . Then on Tuesday the 12th she became a US citizen .She called Immigration to update her status etc . But the day of the ceremony there were alot of people getting their certificate and she did not feel very well so wanted to attend the ceremony and go home as just had surgery.

    She got the certificate and went home she noticed her Certificate has her marital status as DIVORCED . She got married August 2011 .So again she calls immigration they said file the for N-565 which cost $345.00 .At her Naturalization Interview she brought her marriage licence etc all the required documents .She also contacted a family based Immigration Serviced who believe its a mistake/typo by USCIS .What do you all think ?
    Also can they go ahead and file the other papers now I-485 etc ? USICS said when she called they cannot see all the details in their system she also made a INFOPASS soonest apt is June 26th :-(

    Good advice appreciatted thanks Guys/and Girls :-)

    Love the new site ..

    Regards MAry Ireland
    Last edited by mary Ireland; 06-15-2012 at 03:54 PM. Reason: typo
    Regards and thanks,
    Mary Josephine :-)

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    Yes she can file the I-485 and other related applications. She's a USC! As for the typo, did she show the marriage certificate to them while she was there? It probably is a mistake. She should be able to get it redone for nothing assuming USCIS were aware of the new marriage. If not she might have to pay up.
    "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."

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    Brit yes she brought a copy of her divorce from a Prior marriage that ended wow 1998 then she married her current SPouse August 2011 and provided both the documents .She was the first person Interviewed that day and the Officer did not even ask to see the tax returns she had broght as the most recent was a joint with her spouse But she she listed the husband on the form n400 . As soon as the ceremony was over June 12th where she was Naturalized and noticed the mistake she called Immigration and also sent in the form to correct the mistake but she did not enclose a check in case they well just cashed the check .She wrote a letter indicatting the issue and said if they wanted a check to contact them? But now can they go ahead with the other papers even though her Naturalization cert still says Divorced she has an Info pass apt next Tuesday thats the soonest she could get :-)
    Regards and thanks,
    Mary Josephine :-)

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