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Thread: 6 yr. non-productive battle for wrongful deportation

  1. #1
    want justice. want our family together. Family living in 2 differnet countries.


  2. #2
    want justice. want our family together. Family living in 2 differnet countries.


  3. #3
    that's sad . I hope this immigration law changes soon . that is so unfair . So Rosie where is your beloved?

  4. #4 could always go to live in his country!

    Why was he deported? Let me guess: he was an illegal alien who didn't think that he needed a passport and a visa?

  5. #5
    You got justice. Deportation is justice. You are lucky there was no crminal prosecution.

  6. #6
    who gives a fredy?

  7. #7
    deportation is not biblical .

  8. #8
    neither is sneaking across the borders of the United States....if you disagree, please...let's all turn to the book of Baloney and let's read that chapter in which god says it's okay to sneak across the borders of a sovereign nation and marry a cow...

  9. #9
    "deportation [sic] is not biblical .[sic]" WTF? Are you illiterate? Aside from the basic grammar, what does the Bible have to do with deporation? No cars in the Bible. No internet in the Bible. No parking tickets in the Bible either.

    Get a brain Fredy [sic]. Oh, and by the way, there are two "d"s in Freddy.

  10. #10
    people are fighiting for 12 -15year too. why you think it unjustified? post your case and let evaluate. most of the time its justified. emotion does not pay role in justice.
    Its a discussion, not a legal advise..

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