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Thread: filing for spouse with a felony

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    I would like to file for my spouse, he has a felony; the charges were importation of a illegal substance with the intent of distribution. Will I be able to file, if so what will be needed?

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    I would like to file for my spouse, he has a felony; the charges were importation of a illegal substance with the intent of distribution. Will I be able to file, if so what will be needed?

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    Being convinted of being a drug dealer is a big crime. He's banned permananetly from being eligible for green card. I think he's got no chance.

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    Felonies, especially felonies pertaining to drugs, are definitely a BIG NO NO. My husband was denied naturalization for two petty theft charges from the 80's. We have been married 25 years and he has been living in the US for 40 years. I am applying for a hearing and waiver. You definitely need a very good lawyer if you decide to file.

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    This is one of those tough laws that I fully support.

    FELONS should never be admitted or allowed to obtain immigration benefit in US.
    Plain and simple.

    Drug distribution IS a FELONY.

    Your spouse will not be allowed to AOS.

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    thats harsh...anyone can make a mistake...that doesnt mean they should all be killed off...when people are young and stupid they make alot of mistakes that doesnt mean they are bad people. It is rare to find someone who hasnt once in their live done something illegal. The difference is most havent gotten caught...or all of you are going to say you never once in your young and wild days tried pott...

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    distribution of drugs is not a "youthful mistake" of any kind, but willful act of crime aimed at gaining illicit profit at the cost of destroying society.

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    Most crimes are a choice. Drug pushers make the choice - and he imported the drugs - how can that be a 'youthful mistake'?

    Move on - and take care of yourself. Drug dealers and felons are BAD news. And why would the American people want to import more low lifes ?

  10. #10
    we are to quick to judge! thats all I am saying. you and I both were not there and we dont much about the case. Let me tell you something, I am very disapointed with our legal system, I've never been through it but I know thousands of people that have and are currently still fighting their cases, truth of the matter is theres alot of times people get charged for things that didnt even happen, specially around here, cops are quick to fill out a report full of lies. We dont know what happened, how much drug he had on him..or anything of that sort so we cant assume hes a dirtbag, at least I am not. I dont support drug trafficking nor do I approve of people using drugs, I just think that alot of us come on this board to ask serious questions, and too share our experiences with this complicated web called INS...and alot of us, including my self, because I have done it are quick to judge, and decide that all people who are illegal and are caught commiting a crime should be banned permanetly, specially if that person has kids and a wife and his whole family here, think its unfair, the way the system plays with peoples lives. and I know most of you will say its not the systems fault, but come on when people are getting deported for "stealing peptobismol" and Advil, i think its a little ridiculous, they should really be focused on the hard core criminals not on people who have made stupid mistakes because they were not thinking straight.

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