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Thread: Help with US citizenship: I have a US father and I was born in the UK

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    I am applying for a US passport, I have a US father and I was born in the UK. The only time my father left the US was 2 years after my birth to visit the UK for only approx. 10 months and the dept of state are unable to locate any passport records for him although he definitely had a passport. I believe I have provided enough evidence to meet the 10 year transmission requirements, i.e. school records and a detailed SSN Earnings record. I have also provided a copy of his birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate (all issued in the US). My 2 older brothers were also born in the US for which my father would have had to register also and it doesn't seem that these facts are being taken into consideration as he would have had to have been physically present also for all of the above. They do not appear to be willing to accept the details SSN earnings record as proof of his physical presence in the US as they say he could have earned this money outwith the US. The jobs he performed were the likes of taxi driver, deli worker, hospital worker, tools worker etc. which obviously are not jobs he would have carried out outwith the US. With this in mind and the fact that they cannot trace my father's passport record, even though his travel was after my birth )which in effect is a period outwith the transmission requirements which are relevant prior to my birth, is this a valid enough reason to decline my passport? My father's siblings are also willing to submit an affadavit confirming my father's residence in the US for his whole life with the exception of the 10 month period he was outwith the US. I would really appreciate any guidance as to how I can proceed from here.

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    May I ask if your parents were married at the time of your birth? If not, did your father add his name to your birth certificate later on when he visited?

    Not sure how old you are, but in general, in the UK, if a couple were not married, the father had to be present when a baby is registered for him to be added to a birth certificate.

    I am wondering if the problems you are having, is more about whether they want proof if you are his child. I am only assuming that of course, as in some past cases I have read, they needed to prove they were in fact the child of a USC. If a name was not on a birth certificate at the time of registration, it may throw some doubt in the eyes over here.

    I hope I didn't speak out of line, just trying to see if there were any other possible reason for a denial of a passport.

    Does he have any military records? Did he register with Selective Service or whatever it was called back then? Medical records?

    Surely Hospital worker, there would have been employment and tax records. These should be enough to prove his stay in the US. Are they questioning his Citizenship?
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    you are submitting the paperwork that doesnot prove your relationship. Your direction should not be tracking down the passport as passport is only a travel document, you should divert your direction towards that
    1. Did you were registered as a child to USC when you were born. Consulate will have the record if you were registered.
    You will be automatically citizen if your father registered you. if not then
    2. you need the records that show your father son relationship, ( birth certificate showing name of your father, etc.
    3. affidavit will not work alone either, If DNA test can be done then its viable.)
    3. did your mom was married or co-hibited on the time, did you have any evidence on that part? then again its only work withDNA
    Its a discussion, not a legal advise..

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    Your father must prove that he lived in the U.S. for a certain number of years before a certain age. That is what you need to prove.

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    Originally posted by chicory:
    It is too dangerous to live in the US

    there are too many tornadoes , hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards

    don't you get it???

    California get over 500 earthquakes per day

    It just start raining birds in Arkansas and louisiana,0,7247358.story
    Please stop spamming threads with this nonsense. If you don't want to live in the USA, you have a choice. If you don't live here, don't come. If you do, leave. Cut and dry. Danger is everywhere. Pick your poison.

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    OP, you're going to have to provide evidence of relationship such as your birth cert with his name on it. Plus, you may have to provide evidence he is a U.S. citizen himself. What about the mother's input?

    Along with that there is the issue of time in country for the citizen parent. If you were born after 1986 he would need to have lived in the U.S. for at least 5 years with 2 of them after him being 14. If you were born prior to 86 then it's 10 years he would need to have lived in the U.S. with five of them being after his 14th b-day.

    Chicory, do you have a basement full of water bottles and k-rations from Dec 1999?
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    Regarding Mohan's comment: "passport is only a travel document". Not so, a US Passport is proof of US Citizenship. see:

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