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    Article under IME (ILLEGAL MEXICAN EXPLOITATION) by CollegeStudent posted 09.22.07.

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    Article under IME (ILLEGAL MEXICAN EXPLOITATION) by CollegeStudent posted 09.22.07.

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    New York joins eight other states

    (Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon and Washington)

    that do not require drivers to prove legal status in the country to obtain a license.

  4. #4
    ... which is a more reasonable way of facing the realities on our roads today because you see, illegals do and would continue to drive anyway with or without valid driver licenses to take their children to school, to go to work, or for whatever necessary reasons and this is a state concern, so just because the federal government failed to address the immigration issue doesn't mean that states can't take on remedial initiatives to make their roads safer by ensuring that people behind the wheel are screened for their ability to operate vehicles and accountable for their actions by having appropriate insurance coverage, moreover, these people are here to stay despite the inconvenience of refusing them licenses to drive, knowing that the prospect of going back home is far more inconvenient than driving without a license here in the US, so...

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    [QUOTE]County Legislator Dave Malta is planning to submit legislation in the next few days to require a social security number in order to get a driver's license in Monroe County[QUOTE]

    Can county have it own law different than state if law passes.

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    Our****er: Your English-language skills are pathetic.

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    ...perhaps, but it's a shame that you're too stupid to spell correctly.

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    u dont haf two spel corekly to drive v-hikl. but i can rede the sines and u cant sea too drive.

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    I guess you are another fake poster feigning bad english to try to disrupt this forum. I will never understand why people are so bent on trying to destroy the integrity of this forum

    G.... your english skills seemed to vastly improve.

    Quote from ourtrooper:

    I don't have too many bashful bones in my body so it won't bother me to be embarrassed. Your judgement certainly wouldn't affect me.

    Another Quote:

    Can you 'hear' me now. You must be hearing things to think that I can barely 'speak' english.

    Are you legally blind? Ha-Ha-Ha.

    Seek help please

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