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Thread: Glad to see you back Verbalist!!!

  1. #1
    I was asking for you recently.I hope everything is well.Keep up the good work and advise.

    Good luck
    God bless.

  2. #2
    I was asking for you recently.I hope everything is well.Keep up the good work and advise.

    Good luck
    God bless.

  3. #3
    Thank you for such a hearty "Welcome back" message. I've been very busy and had no time to visit. But hopefully now I'm back for good.

    By the way, I hope we haven't lost Abhi (URGENT HELP NEEDED) post. It's such a sad story. I've tried to help but he (she?) never wrote back. I certainly hope he didn't get discouraged by some nasty remarks.

  4. #4
    I hope everything is ok too.So many sad stories about some people,but sometimes there is not much we can do.Everyone has his or her own problems and all we can do is hope and wish that everything turns out ok for them.
    Glad to se you back.By the way,almost 2 months now and still no decision or answer from the embassy,regarding my case.Called embassy today and the person told me that he will send my info and her info to the visa people,so they can contact us, and to keep sending e-mails until they get back to me or call us.Crazy man!!
    Talked to my attorney also,and suggested to contact my congressman,but told him maybe wait a little longer.Do you agree?

    Well,like I have said.It is great to have you back.

    God bless

  5. #5
    Dear R@y - no, I don't agree that you should wait any longer. 2 months is more than enough, excluding any special circumstances. With the Thanksgiving and the Christmas season coming - probably nothing will get done until next year. So, at this point my advice would be to call the embassy personally and insist on speaking to the person responsible. Ask him or her very nicely about the status of your financee's case and tell him/her that you would appreciate very much having your fiancee over for Christmas. Tell him/her it's an important holiday and you've waited for so long... etc.
    Hopefully, this will soften the stony, beaurocratic heart. Anyway, it's worth trying. I've seen it work.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. #6
    I wish you a happy thanksgiving too.
    As far as someone from the embassy talking to me,I don,t think is going to happen.I have tried e-mails,bought a pin # to talk to the embassy,and still no one would tell me why the delay.My fiancee also called and she was told to wait until they call her,if that is what she was told to do.
    At this point I just assume that there is nothing else that can be done.Even my attorney have tried to find out by sending e-mails,and they won't even answer to him.My other choice would be to have my congressman call them,and I am not sure if this would delay things even longer.
    So,we will wait I guess.What else can we do?

    Thanks very much,
    God bless.

  7. #7
    Well good to see you back verbie

    thought maybe you gave up on the forum. but lad that is not the case. keep up the good work

    BTW who is that avatar. was he a loony tunes cartoon character?

  8. #8
    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">BTW who is that avatar. was he a loony tunes cartoon character? </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Speedy Gonzales!

  9. #9
    Good guess, ProudUSC but actually it's Slowpoke Rodriguez (Speedy Gonzales' cousin). Some people here, whose names I won't invoke, appear so anti-immigrant that I thought they'll be inspired by that image.

    Thank you all for your kind words and support.

    Here is a link to Slowpoke:

    You can see here how well the fences work and why Slowpoke is not so slow in the "cabeza".

  10. #10
    Sorry, Verbalist! Right cartoon, wrong character. It's a great avatar, though! You do a great job here. I hope you'll keep hanging around!

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