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Thread: Illegal want to leave...

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    Is there any possible way an illegal alien in the United States can leave and go to another country (Not his/her country of citizenship) and how would he/she do that?

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    Is there any possible way an illegal alien in the United States can leave and go to another country (Not his/her country of citizenship) and how would he/she do that?

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    More info needed on how you became illegal! - was it falling out of status? coming into the US without inspection?

    Either case, you would need to consult with a professional (lawyer).

    I am assuming you would trigger the 3/10 years bar if you have been in the US beyond the 180 days requirement to depart the country, in other words leads to being unlawfully present, which if you have been - will cause you problems on coming back to the US in the future.

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    It's not for myself. But came in on workers visa valid for 6 months. Overstayed for 2 years.

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    I dont know if you could apply for an extension in your case - but your overstay will cause you problems for both living in the US or leaving and coming back to the US.

    If you are intending to leave the country and not coming back - which means your I94 must be surrendered at departure - chances are you will not face any problems because you are doing what the immigration wanted you to do (an illegal to leave the US) - because you are triggering the 3/10 years bar.

    If you are intending to leave and come back to the US - you should work with a lawyer on this matter. I have no knowledge on what the options would be, since the BCIS have "No" culture to status violators.

    Good Luck

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    This person (not me) is intending to leave the US for good and want to go to another country. The problem is: we don't know if he/she would be able to get a visa for the other country seeing that he/she is illegal here.

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    I have no expert knowledge on how an embassy grants a visa, but by simply calling the embassy and asking the basic requirements for them to grant a visa can give you the answers you are looking for.

    Getting a visa from Embassy A in Country B (in this case the US - where you are an illegal alien) will certainly raise a question on why you didnt apply a visa from Embassy A in Country C (where you are legally resident - or your home country). It's a common sense and very logic point for the embassy that you are hoping to get a visa from COULD ask, and in my opinion WILL ask.

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    If you have a valid passport of your home country - or a country you are resident of, with the hope that the embassy's country has no issues with your home country - and you havent previously violated their immigrations laws, and no criminal record - I think you should be fine.

    I don't think the BCIS and foreign Embassies in the US have a system to track illegal aliens.

    Again, this is an opinion.

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    The reality is that the US government does not care if you leave (only if you come back!)

    As far as going to another country there is technically no problem... the US laws do not apply in any other country. However, you still have to meet whatever criteria is necessary for that country.

    If it is obvious that you overstayed your visa to the USA, it could cause problems in that they would feel that you might overstay your visa again. As long as you can prove that won't happen you should be fine.

    My husband overstayed his visa to the USA and we have since managed to get him visas to other countries... so I wouldn't worry to much. My only recommendation is to be as honest as possible to the other country (we would have been caught up on something if we hadn't been honest from the beginning!!)

    Oh yeah, you may want to consider applying for the Visa to the other country from your home country or whatever the appropriate consulate there would be. You may even be able to do some/all of the processing by mail... At least then you wouldn't be doing your application while currently with unlawful status (perhaps this could hurt your chances - I don't know!)

    Good Luck to you!!!

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