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    I am proud of being an ilegal alien.

    Maria Velasquez, CA

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    May God forgive you all.

    I already did.


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    Josephine Schmo married an illegal immigrant.
    Have a nice day

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    There you go AGAIN! I think you're in love with me.

    You remind me of Horshack. (Welcome Back Kotter)

    "Ooh ooh ohh! Mr. Kotter! Vinnie did this or Vinnie did that!"

    Anytime I speak against illegals, I am talking about UNinspected. It has no relevance to MY marriage. I don't give a **** what illegals WITH inspection do.

    I know you're jealous that my husband can adjust status and your's CAN'T. Get over it.

    No need to reply, you and your husband MoRON are both a waste of keystrokes to me. F-off!
    Sweet Madame Belu

  9. #9

    By the way, FOOL, Mian means "husband", it's not his name.

    For someone who claims to have invented the lightbulb, you'd think you'd be smarter.
    Sweet Madame Belu

  10. #10
    When you were waiting on your "Mian's" greencard, did I go around wishing you ill? Now that your husband has his greencard, you are letting your true colors shine through. You don't care about anyone except for yourself. Your husband is not any more worthy of a greencard than mine is. Why do I waste my time responding to you? I'm not sure. Perhaps because I've seen someone who used to act nearly human turn into a monster. If your husband was never an illegal alien and had done everything the legal way, then your constant criticism of illegal aliens would be a bit more understandable. The fact that you married an illegal alien, however, completely erases any justification for you to bash me for doing the same. An illegal alien is an illegal alien. Mexican or Pakistani, they still broke the law. One is not better than the other. Even most anti-immigrationist would agree with that.

    You state that I must be "jealous" of you. That makes me smile. Why would I be jealous of an uneducated, middle-aged woman on disability who can't even get along with her neighbors? You have a serious self-esteem problem. It doesn't take a psychologist to figure that out. I'm sorry if you've had an unfair life, but it's not my fault, so stop taking it out on me. Do you think you are intelligent enough to figure out how to make me cry? If you do, you are wrong. I'll admit that some people have succeeded in that venture, but they were far more intelligent an eloquent than you could ever dream of being.
    Have a nice day

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