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Thread: n400 question

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    What is "Moral Turpitude" in the immigration context?

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    What is "Moral Turpitude" in the immigration context?

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    I believe it's 5 years. You can not have committed crimes involving moral turpitude... defined as "an act of baseness, vileness or depravity in the private and social duties which a man owes to his fellow men or to society in general, contrary to the accepted and customary rule of right and duty between man and man."

    Some examples from website
    Crimes Against The Person

    Murder/Intentional Homicide
    Voluntary Manslaughter
    Homicide by Reckless Conduct
    Involuntary Manslaughter w/ Reckless Disregard
    Attempted Murder
    Kidnapping Mayhem
    Assault or Attempted Murder Upon Government Officers
    Carrying a Concealed Weapon w/ Intent to Use Against the Person of Another
    Assault w/ a Deadly Weapon
    Assault w/ Weapon Likely to Produce Bodily Harm
    Interfering w/ a Law Enforcement Officer
    w/ Use of Deadly Force
    Attempting to Obstruct/Impede the Progress
    of Justice
    Aggravated Assault Against a Peace Officer

    Crimes Against Property

    Attempted Arson
    Uttering a Forged Instrument/Forged Prescription
    Making False Statements of Financial Condition
    Grand theft
    Petty Theft
    Receiving Stolen Property
    Concealing Assets in Bankruptcy
    Encumbering Mortgaged Property w/ Intent to Defraud
    Fraudulently Issuing Check w/ Insufficient Funds
    Fraudulently Issuing Worthless Check
    Illegal use of ATM or Credit Card
    Passing Forged Instrument
    Attempted Fraud
    Using Mails to Defraud
    Making False Statements in Acquisition of Firearm
    Securities Fraud
    Welfare Fraud
    Transporting Stolen Property
    Obtaining Money by False Pretenses
    Malicious Trespass

    Sexual and Family Crimes

    Assault w/ Intent to Commit Abortion
    Attempted Assault w/ Intent to Commit Carnal Abuse
    Statutory Rape/Rape
    Indecent Assault/Sexual Battery
    Gross Indecency
    Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor/Sexual Acts
    Taking Indecent Liberties w/ a Child
    **** Sexual Perversion

    Crimes Against the Government

    Falsely Issuing a Narcotic Prescription
    Offering a Bribe
    Making, Passing, or Possessing Counterfeit Coins
    Conspiracy to Violate IRS Laws
    Securities Fraud
    Smuggling Merchandise
    Impersonating Federal Officer
    False Statements/Firearm
    False Statements or Entries
    Harboring a Fugitive
    Using False Names & Addresses to Violate Postal Laws
    Uttering/Selling False/Counterfeit Immigration Documents
    False Statements to Obtain a Passport
    False Statements in LPR Application
    Theft from U.S. Mail
    Taking Kickbacks
    Receiving Funds by False Statements
    Trafficking in Narcotics
    Failing to Report Income
    Union Official Unlawfully Accepting a Loan
    Kickbacks on Government Contracts
    False Statements/Selective Service
    Falsely Representing Social Security Number
    False Statements/Unemployment Benefits

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