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Thread: WATCH: Heartwarming Story of an Undocumented Fatherís Fight to Give His Son ďA Better

  1. #1
    As the GOPís presidential debates force the candidates to clarify their policies, undocumented immigration
    One film tugs at viewersí heart strings as they watch a Mexican fatherís try gut-wrenching attempt to provide for and reconnect with his estranged son.
    ďA Better LifeĒ follows undocumented father Carlos Galindo (DemiŠn Bichir) as he lives a low-profile life as a landscaper in East Los Angeles and as he tries to give his son Luis (Josť JuliŠn) a better life than he had.

  2. #2
    ...I think that operative word here is estranged!

    What is it with illgals and anchor-baby waving *** stories?

  3. #3
    I think you meant he lives a lowlife profile...all of these dirtbags try to rationalize their own irresponsible behavior by using their brats as a means of generating sympathy....I don't buy it and never will.

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