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Thread: How do u sponsor someone to come to the US and become a USC?

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    What are the first few steps in sponsoring someone to come to the US legally and become a US resident/citizen? What forms do I fill out first and where can I get them? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    who is that someone? Spouse, parent, child, adopted child, sibling?

  3. #3
    My boyfriend's mother (soon to be my child's grandmother).

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    NOTHING ! you can't do squat. There is NO relationship since you are NOT married. Therefore, grandma will not be babysitting.

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    You cannot sponsor her. You can only sponsor your spouse, child, parent, step-child, or step-parent. Your boyfriend can sponsor her if he is a US citizen.

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    I guess your boy friend has to file I-130 for her mother since you have no relation and again there is long wait for getting I-130 approved and after that he has to provide affidavit of support if he is working and income is over poverty line. good luck.

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    Wow...that's a little depressing. Thank you everyone for your help. What about a visitor's visa? Can anyone apply for that so she can at least visit?

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