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Thread: drivers licence/ssn verification

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    I received a letter from DMV to verify my SSN. As a Canadian here in the US on business I do not have a SSN. DMV and SSA advises I get an I-94.
    Can someone help me.

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    Why are you applying for a license here? If you are in the US short term, you should be using your Canadian license. If you are here for a prolonged period, you should have a visa that allows you to get an SSN. A visa is required if you are in the US over 180 days (or are doing anything not allowed for B1/B2 visa holders). Canadians need visas because they are not US citizens.

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    I too am from Canada,,,, and have attempted to get an Nevada drivers licence, the responses that i received from the dmv are,,,, with out a SS# or paper work form the INS, they will not issue a drivers licence nor a state id card

  4. #4
    Still using your Canadian licence?

  5. #5
    make one up. They don't check.

    -= nav =-

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    So he can be nailed for fraud? Its one thing for illegals who got nothing to lose to do it.

    Question remain, why do you need a US Driver license?

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    Yes, I am still using my BC licence until the required forms are obtained from INS, and at this point will mirror marmaduk's question, if you are only here for business and not looking to make it permanent,,,, why worry about getting a US licence?

    My question is: What kinda advice is that to give,,,,,"make one up"????? Guess it is one of those things that make a level headed person go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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    Senior Member
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    Oct 2003
    Raleigh, NC
    I would not recomend that you "make one up". In the old U.S. they never used to check. Now it is a widespread practice for MV agencies to crosscheck their records against SSA, and further to issue orders for arrests for "Obtaining property by false pretenses" or other chargesof fraud for those that do not match. Remember that the rules have changed since 9/11?

    If you are here on a non-immigrant basis, you are not required to get a local DL.

  10. #10
    Far from it.

    There even a few states don't even require a SSN.

    California is notorious for illegals using fake SSN #'s and card's and borrowing relatives SSN numbers. Not a single person has been arrested yet, cuz the sheer amount of SSN fraud in the database would be flabbergasting if INS and DMV even attempted to enforce it.

    -= nav =-

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