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Thread: Remarriage after withdrawing I-751 divorce waiver

  1. #1
    What happens if a person withdraws their I-751 waiver application and applies for a new green card based on a new marriage ???

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    What happens if a person withdraws their I-751 waiver application and applies for a new green card based on a new marriage ???

  3. #3
    Is you Ex. planning on that? She will not get away with it; go Michael - get that fraudster deported !!

  4. #4
    Yes she is; sneaky like a jap she is

  5. #5
    Anyone else have thoughts on this ??

  6. #6
    Michael, how do you know she has withdrawn the waiver? I think I was told that an alien can remarry after divorce, but the requirement if remarried is to be able to demonstrate that the first marriage was not entered into to evade immigration law.

  7. #7
    Swissnut; do you have any other thoughts on success of AOS through second marriage??

  8. #8
    Good morning Michael... .

    I will be glad to be any kind of help to you since u r a totally changed person now as I see...and I am happy for u... I guess there was a discussion on this topic...and as I read many replies on such topics considering them... let me give my 2 cents....

    I am not sure if anyone can simultaneously run 2 petitions in BCIS.... Well as swiss said... u have to have valid divorce decree for getting married again...and there is no doubt abt that.... But the burden of proof for bona fide marriage lies on both ... previous marriage ( in case if there might be adultery or something could look very bad in BCIS) and when it comes to second is pretty hard and complicated to prove bona fide intent of the marriage as BCIS or anyone would at first look at this marriage to prevent possible deportation / deny of previously filed petition in ur ex wife's case I 751 ....well I m not saying its always the case ....and people have succeeded with this lot of time one has to rely on individual case....

    What should be done in ur best interest? and I m sure u must have done this by now while staying this long on ilw.... All u can do is write a letter to BCIS...send divorce grounds to BCIS and etc they consider them while dealing anytime in future with ur spouse ....coz they are gonna come in front of any immigration office while reviewing ur ex wife's file...Take care...Pasha

    Others will give u more info on this one....these are just my 2 cents...don't want to create any argument or debate here at don't look forward to....just my 2 cents...Pasha

  9. #9

    I read of some guy that went to the interview for a waiver filing of I-751 and he was already married again to another USC..., and he got his waiver approved...I guess in these cases the officer is most likely to approve the waiver knowing that alien will be able to file new AOS in the future and thus want to get rid of the case rather than getting more work that will one way or another be approved...

    Also if an alien withdraws its I-751, it becomes removable as soon as the withdrawal has been completed...only a moron would do that.

  10. #10
    I think ALL I-751 waivers get approved as soon as one proves that they LIVED with the spouse ie they had real marriage.

    Why would someone get denies just coz they got divorced BEFORE I-751 decision?Its not the individual's fault that BCIS took so long to make I-751 decision,provided the marriage was real.

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