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Thread: N400/I-751 adjudicated simultaneously

  1. #1
    Anybody had the experience of an I-751 waiver and N400 adjudicated simultaneously.

    Please advise.

  2. #2
    there are some experiences written here...u might wanna check them...good luck...Pasha

  3. #3
    Hi Pasha,

    i called the service center today. They told me that they are not going to ajudicate both together unless the letter says so. However, they will do the N40 interview but will hold on the oath ceremony until the I-751 is processed.

    Hope you guys are right and they do both together. I am starting to get very very impatient.

    Thanks for the input


  4. #4
    Mamon, please read our experience on under N-400 in New York. The interview was on 11/05. Be prepared as best as you can for they will need to see everything!

    Good luck

  5. #5
    The refence u gave us does not match up.

    Can u copy and paste your story on kamya here? That wud help those who will go through this in future.

  6. #6
    Hi mamon...

    What I have read so far... the conclusion comes to this point... your N 400 will fasten the pending I 751...Once the I 751 is clear you can take oath and get citizenship certification...good luck...Pasha

  7. #7
    Thank Pasha, I will be prepared. Anyway, I cannot think of anything else right now. Cant even work properly.

    However, I am very certain there will be no I751 interview. But I really wish it happens.

    Thanks again

  8. #8
    Another CRIMINAL FRAUDSTER wants to beat the system!!!


  9. #9
    07/25/00 - My wife arrived through Newark
    05/08/02 - Filed I-751
    05/11/02 - 1st NOA received extending my wife's GC till Aug'03
    05/19/02 - 2nd NOA received (same purpose as the 1st one)
    07/11/03 - We went to 26 Fed Plaza and stamped her passport
    07/25/03 - Filed N-400
    08/19/03 - A NOA received extending her GC till Aug'04
    09/12/03 - Fingerprints for N-400
    03/26/04 - We called BCIS and filed an inquiry on pending I-751
    04/15/04 - Reveived a letter saying that we'd been chosen for an interview for conditions removal
    09/09/04 - Received an invitation for citizenship interview on 11/05
    11/05/04 - My wife passed a 1 1/2 hour long naturalization interview
    11/16/04 - An invitation to the oath on 11/18/04 was received.
    11/18/04 - Oath!!!
    The naturalization interview was a sort of combined I-751 + N-400 types of interview and took so long (1 hour and 30 minutes)because the officer was not too knowledgeable about the removal conditions process. She was asking other officers a number of times of how to proceed on different steps. Moreover, she was checking every single document my wife brought for the interview against what had already been filed with the I-751 almost 3 years ago. The fist thing she asked was our cancelled checks for all years. I gave my wife about 300 of them going from as early as 2001 and the officer was checking every one of them to make sure they all had our both names. Then she chose two checks from each year and photocopied them. The bottom line is that they wanted to see EVERYTHING.

    They did not pay too much of attention to the fact that we have a child but paid very close attention to such evidences as joint bank and credit card accounts, lease agreements and lease renewals.

    She was asked 15 questions and nailed all of them.

    Nevertheless, since the officer was not experienced with the I-751, she could not make a decision about removal of conditions during the interview and said that she should carefully review every detail and that she would come back to us in December of 2004. As I already said, the interview was too long and I started worry after the 1 hour passed by. By te way, the officer did not need to talk with me but she noticed that I was ready to be interviewed. Well, all in all, everything went smooth and the officer said they will make all efforts to finalize with removal of conditions and schedule the oath ceremony before the my wife's GC extension expires in June of 2005. Well, we got a letter on 11/16 that invited my wife to the oath ceremony at Cadman Plaza on 11/18. So that the end of our I-751 - N-400 saga. Good luck to you all!!!

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