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Thread: Alabama Unemployment Rate Continues To Fall

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    Yet there are jobs open in AL that Americans won't do...

    For One Ala. Farmer, Workers Are Still Scarce

    Earlier this year, Alabama passed a tough immigration law that prompted thousands of migrant workers to flee the state.

    Shortly after, NPR spoke with Jamie Boatwright, a fourth-generation tomato farmer in Steele, Ala. When the law was passed, about 20 of Boatwright's farmhands all of them from Mexico left and his business was devastated.

    Boatwright tried to hire legal workers, but of the 11 Americans he hired that came and sought work, only one returned the for a second day of work.

    "That person picked four boxes of tomatoes, walked out of the field and said: 'I'm done'," Boatwright said at the time.
    "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."

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    To be considered unemployed, one has to meet the following: person do not have a job, actively looked for a job prior 4 weeks and be ready to work. Anyone that lacks even one of the three is not considered unemployed

    Could the uneployment figures in AL be going down just because people are tired of providing meaningless figures to the Unemploment office? Statistical figures that don't put food on the unemployed's table but only serve the interests of Economists, Statisticians and Politicians alike.

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