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Thread: removal proceedings

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    my wife is scheduled for to go to atlanta for removal proceedings in jan, we had filed all her petitions for permanent residency last year , two days ago she recieved an appointment for an interview for status change need some help on this one we had a lawyer, but now im thinking of going to court for my wife now that she will have her permanent residency prior to court date

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    So what are the reasons for her removalbility? To get good input you have to lay out most of the facts.

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    floyd, back in 1998 she came here with her family on visitor visas , they decided to stay. after a couple of years her ex husbands daughter finally got her dads cuban birth certificate, they recieved aslylum, 2003 they applied for residency, recieved work authorization same in 2004. They were sent a letter for them to go for there interview for aos in may 2005, prob was her husband died in dec2005, they were refused aos, and givin the options, Imarried my wife in july 2005, proceeded to apply for her aos,she recieved work authorization. She recieved a letter in july2006 that told her she needed to report to removal hearings. i had looked on line for case status for her and it was cancelled, that was in july2006, all of a sudden she recieves appt letter to go for her aos interview

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    reason for possible removal is that she was supposed to have left in 1998 6mths after her arrival, which is true ,but why were they given work authorization twice and almost permenant residency in 2005

  6. #6
    mike d, unfortunately work permits are nothing but that, and almost only counts in horse shoes. Your wife's case is very common, it is a case of the left hand not talking to the right. My recommendation to you is to make sure that the first case is completely closed out. The interview is not worth more than the paper it is written on if the removal case is still open.

    I also highly recomemend a lawyer at this point in time. Your wife has been through so much, I think it is time to try and make life a little easier for her now.

    Good luck!

  7. #7
    What an idiot; this woman murders her husband and then he marries her. Sure its "very common" that the husband dies shortly after a marriage to an immigrant and before her AOS. Yea, right. And poof, she finds love again right away. Just a coincidence.

  8. #8
    she was married to her deceased husband for over 25years, sonofmichael you would be a perfect candidate for an immigration position, because they all think that way due to the fact of the deception of marriage by a few

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    I truly have no bad feelings for this situation,to say the least.
    I am all for good out come and all,but I just dislike how "people" come to this country,and knowingly and with full knowledge breaking the law by staying in this country longer than they are suppose to,and are not even talking about over staying for couple weeks or months,its years.And they have the nerv to ask for help,even from an attorney???
    Sorry,if people step-foot in this country,and prior coming here,knowing "we are gonna stay anyway longer than they allow us" and then wonder why there will be "one day" dedportation proceeding against them,is just amazing.
    Don't get me wrong,I am all for good out come,but not if people break the law knowingly and with full knowledge,and even planning to do so,and hope to get help to be here in this country forvever without any consiquenzes.Its a shame.Anyone who came to this country legally,by going by the "rule book" and is here now a permanent resident or even citizen,thats a slap in their face,and to those who support that ****,their status should be revoked.Period!

    Don't dislike,cause I tell the truth.If I am wrong with statement,prove me otherwise.But with a valid arguement....
    But my question is,how do ggive a valid arguement for someone who borke the law knowingly and still expects to be treated like the ones who came here legally???

  10. #10
    Because Illegal Dirtbags are here in violation of administrative immigration law (some for decades now) , we should burn them all in huge brick ovens, and how idiotic and irresponsibnle for any dirtbag supporter to suggest that those banana eating Apes should be afforded an attorney or a day in court !!!
    It's ridiculous !!!!

    <span class="ev_code_RED">The best solution to illegal dirtbags - have them all burned in huge brick ovens (I would also suggest we do so during winter months. Some illegal dirtbags could be even sold for profit, just as wood and charcoal, to be burned at house fireplace for heat).

    Those dirtbags made this choice the day when they became illegal - and I don't give a r.ats what was the reason for any individual dirtbag Ape to become illegal, all I care is that they are illegal dirtbag Apes !!!

    How could any illegal dirtbag Ape ever expect to be treated as a Human being (such as myself) !?

    I dare you to prove me wrong !

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