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    Kind of funny huh?
    Swissnut has always been helpful but I find it very strange the posts by Nina, who Jo claims to be Swissnut.

    I find this rather amusing because "NINA" anly posts in the middle of the night and different hours...........Going back through Swissnuts previous replys for almost 2 months ........There had never been a post from Swissnut in the weeeeeeee hours of the night.. Correct me if I am wrong on that one!!! The earliest I ever saw posts from swissnut was at about 7 in the morning and the latest being maybe 11 at night..........Call me crazy but tthere was NOT ONE LATE NIGHT POSTING.from SWissnut.

    Now Jo schmo that is a different story.

    So I am a logical person I like to do deductive, inductive reasoning. Whatever the case may be. But, well you figure it out ....It sounds like someone just trying to cause problems..

    Just my two cents worth....take it or leave it.

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    Hubba - Hubba - Hubba!

    Please, lets be civilized about this blaming issue. We are in an election year! for godness sake!

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    OK I want all the nonsense to stop from today ! No more personal attacks and no more imposters. People are messing up this board. This board is to help Americans fight against fraudulent grints and for legitimate grints to get advice. So please stop the silly games and nonsense.

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    Sign my petition to get Jo some professional help!!!!

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    Sorry to burst you bubble you mental case ....but I have been on this board for about 8months now (under another name of course) I have become fed up and disgusted with your tactics.Somedays you are for immigrants other days you'll have the most degrading things to say about us which is funny considering you are married to one......or so you say.I just think you are of no use to this forum.....your negativity is disturbing.People come here for answers...i know I do! but you come here for confusion.I want you to seriously think about retiring. Oh if I wasn't clear I'm not Swiss, E, Pasha, Michael,Still or any other person your paranoid little mind can think up.I am just a normal poster under an alias who's fed up with u.

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