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Thread: Is this normal

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    Is it normal that my father who is a US citizen filed an I-130 for me in May 2002 and we're still waiting for it to be processed. It is now over 2 years.

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    Is it normal that my father who is a US citizen filed an I-130 for me in May 2002 and we're still waiting for it to be processed. It is now over 2 years.

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    Yes it is normal to wait that long.
    Currently cases filed in december 2000 are under process for children over 21 and who are unmarried. It would be helpful if you describe in which category you filed you application.

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    Yes unsure this is very normal. My father also submitted my I-130(unmarried child of an America citizen over age 21) in July of 2002 @ TSC, even though the case status on line states 500 to 550 days I am sure it will be at least 18 months before they even touch my file. Hang in there.

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    I am in the category unmarried child over 21 of US citizen. It says it is taking betweem 900 to 990 to process, and the California processing centre has been saying July 19 2001 for months

    I thought it was just me. I guess I will just continue waiting

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    Unsure you are ahead of me, my service center says May 7, 2001. Are you already in the USA waiting? I ask as I saw another post from you saying you live near your father.

  7. #7
    I'm in the UK and my father is in the US. I haven't been there in 2 years because I was told that I wasn't allowed to travel to the US with a petition pending, so I'm hoping by February they will have a response for me.

    I guess I'm being optimisitic that it is going to only take 990

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    Even if your I-130 is approved you'd still have to wait for a State Department's priority date for your I-130. Current priority date for unmarried children of USCs is Nov 22 2000. This means that an immigrant visa number is available to applicants who filed their I-130 on or before that date.


  9. #9
    I am not sure if you know this Unsure but the 990 days is equal to about 251 business days per year. I try and follow all the news about our catagory of I-130. Also, Immigration has stated that they will not even process any applications until the visa numbers are about to come current(as part of the backlog reduction plan). Somewhere I have read that they sent the info out a few months prior to the visa number becoming current. So I watch the monthly visa numbers which you are correct did not move for many months last year.

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    Thanks Carslo

    So if 990 is equal to 251 business days a year I guess I should've heard something since we filed over 2 years ago.

    But on the other hand you're saying that they are not going to review my application until it becomes current which looks like that is going to be another 2 year wait as they are only process Nov 2000.

    Have you had your application approved yet? Are you in the US? It's nice to know I am not the only one in this position.

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