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Thread: Class experiment ended 3 years ago people.

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    someone12 do you ever stop to think that these children didn't ask for this. they had no choice they are just asking for a little help in trying to stay. Read the post he appears educated. He can speak english, cut him a break at least he is asking how to change. Tell me someone what exactly is a child suposed to do? "Mommy I don't want to go I'm going to support myself?" in this case his mother should be punished not him.

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    I have complete sympathy for people who were brought here as children and now know enough to realize they need to be legal but don't know what to do. Their parents made the decision for them to bring them here and often they don't even speak the language of their native country or have relatives there. To expect them to hop a plane and "go back" is more than ridiculous in these types of circumstances. Why not help hurricane victims as well as give people in these types of situations (people who were brought as children) a path to becoming legal?

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    all, I'm saying is that if they are productive members of society they should be given a chance. same as others, don't let them into the governments pocket but allow them a path to stay. I mean, by all means deport the local dealer. but help the starving student get the idea?? you selfish piece of ****. you came here as an immigrant. if you needed help wouldn't you hope that understandng americans would do so?

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    Rolando--If you're a senior in high school, you're probably not 18 quite yet.
    As far as I'm aware (I'm not a lawyer) you don't start to accrue illegal stay and a 10-year-bar until you're 18. If you want to go to school here and get legal here, your best bet may be to go back to your homeland and apply to colleges here for an F-1 visa. Even community colleges these days accept foreign students and are likely to be within your reach. If you remain here, then you won't really have a way to legalize without returning to your homeland anyway, unless Congress passes an amnesty.

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    Still learning asked why we don't legalize all these illegal alien "children". We don't legalize them for the same reason we oppose any amnesty. All amnesties have done is create a greater lure for people who think that there's another one coming. Illegal immigration actually increased after the 1986 amnesty, and has continued to rise despite "mini-amnesties" such as TPS and 245i. After Bush announced his guest worker program last year, illegal immigration through the Southern Border again increased above its usual levels, and in a poll commissioned by the White House, those caught entering illegally very often said they were coming for the amnesty.

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    I'm not sifting though all the posts here to find it but you have already admitted that you yourself were at one point standing in line for you LRP card so BULL**** I say to your comments above. Try and keep your stories straight!!!!!!!!!

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    Someone, your not worth it. aliba great advice I would say leave now and finish high school through an american distance learning school try James madison high school heard great things. Thinking bout it for my sister. This would still give you the US diploma. Then apply for student visa. Do you have any american siblings? If so they can petition you once they are 21 (not sure if it can be done while you in us) somthing to think about.
    best of luck,
    please do it the right way.

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    If you happen to visit the British Library in London, you will find your roots.
    How you became an American Citizen.

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