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Thread: Bringing parents to the US

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    I have been a USC for 10 years and would like to bring my parents to the US to live. They are citizens of Bosnia. How long would this process take and it is true that once we file for them to come here that my parents cannot visit in the meantime?
    Thank you for your help.

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    hey everybody here's another loser who can't wait to ab-use the benefits that BELONG to US. The minute they get here they will go straight to Welfare, Social Security, they'll get an SSI check although they have made no contributions to this country, they will get free medical attention with all the incidentals, such as walkers, medicines, etc etc etc WE NEED TO CHANGE THE LAWS WITH SOCIAL SECURITY, WELFARE, ETC. NO PERSON WHO HAS NOT PAID TAXES (WORKED) LESS THAN 20 YEARS IS NOT ENTILED TO ANYTHING.

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    Ignore him. I think it only takes about 6 months, but I am not positive.

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    Thank you CKT510. I appreciate your prompt response...nice to see that there are some nice people here.

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    The Affidavit of support is supposed to stop these expenses to the tax payer, at least with LEGAL Immigrants...

    Every immigrant admitted to the United States must demonstrate to a Consular or Immigration Officer that he or she is not inadmissible on public charge grounds. One way to help demonstrate that an immigrant is not inadmissible is to have a person in the United States, a sponsor, sign an affidavit of support promising to provide support and assistance to the immigrant if necessary. Immigrants who have someone sign an affidavit of support for them are called sponsored immigrants.

    All family-based immigrants, including immediate relatives, family preference immigrants, and orphans, will be required to have new legally enforceable affidavits of support (Form I-864) if they file adjustment of status or immigrant visa applications on or after December 19, 1997. In addition, employment-based immigrants who are coming to work for relatives or for companies where relatives of the immigrant own 5 percent or more of the company must have sponsors.

    Affidavits of support (Form I-864) filed on or after December 19, 1997, are legally enforceable. Sponsors who fail to support the immigrants they sponsor can be sued by any Federal, State, or local agency or private entity that provides means-tested benefits, as well as by the immigrants they sponsored. Most sponsors must now demonstrate income of at least 125 percent of the Federal poverty level.

    The sponsorship obligation continues until the sponsored alien naturalizes, has worked or can be credited with 40 quarters of work, leaves the United States permanently, or dies. However, a sponsor or the sponsor's estate remains liable for any support or requests for repayment of benefits that arose before the support obligation ended.

    14. Does divorce nullify the sponsorship agreement?
    No, divorce does not nullify the sponsorship agreement.

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    Depending on your service center. It can take anywhere from 6 months to a year and half.

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