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Thread: Upgrade

  1. #1
    My daugher became USC today. She had filed application I-130 for her husband as GC and now wants to upgrade.

    Can she make a photo copy of her Certificat of Naturalization to send with the letter to NVC? Is is legal?

    You input will be highly appreciated.

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    My daugher became USC today. She had filed application I-130 for her husband as GC and now wants to upgrade.

    Can she make a photo copy of her Certificat of Naturalization to send with the letter to NVC? Is is legal?

    You input will be highly appreciated.

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    But your oath is on July 29, 2005, how come she had become first din't she immigrate with you?

    On the left hand side under the photo you will see warning is printed in the red letters, says that you should not photo copy the Certificate of Naturalization.

    At the same time (former INS)and now USCIS/BCIS they do ask to send the copies of this certificate.
    It is OK to make a copy and mail with the copy of NOA of her husband to NVC.
    This is just a warning, All Immigrant make copies and keep in safe place and original is kept with all important document in Bank lockers. I have seen many. it's ok.

    So far I have not seen any law in this regards
    Nor in the INA and not in the Fam.

  4. #4

    She was over 18 and her oath was today 7/27 and mine is 7/29. She had applied N-400 separately. Please give your valuable advise. Thank you.

  5. #5
    Due to that warning printed under photograph, I was concened about making copies and sending back to DHS. Thank you for guidance.

  6. #6

    I agree with Dastur. It's ok to copy and send to BSCIS the certificate of naturalization. I talked to a consular officer about the same case scenario and they said it will take only a phone call to USCIS and a mailed copy of the certificate to upgrade your daughter's petition for her spouse. They will verify all infos with her all over again, but only over the phone. They said that usually take them 60 days to process the upgrade. Of course, your daughter should ask the officer if this is still the case. I made my inquiry 2 months ago. Good luck to you and your family.

  7. #7
    yeah she can make a copy of her certificate and tell her to call uscis,if her petition is already approved then she does not need to send a copy of her certificate to cis just send to nvc ,if petition is not approved yet then send a copy of naturalization certificate,copy of notice of action and cover letter that explains the situation to cis.
    actully i am in the same situation applied last year for my husband when i was permanent resident now became a petition has been upgraded but still not approved yet.

  8. #8
    Thank you all. My daughte's petition is approved. I will ask her to call NVC. She has already mailed letter. Thanks again to all for valuable feedback. This is an excellent fourm.

  9. #9
    Over 18 do not answer my question, if 18 and until 20 years 11 month 29 or 30 day do not make he/she 21 years of age.
    Some time back you said that you have worked with the US Government. Where? and Department?
    Have you recived your visa through employment with the US Govt.
    Still can not under stand how she can get the Alien Status, and the Citizenship, On what visa she arrived here? their are many questions comes to one's mind remain unanswered in this post.
    This might help others to benefits via her fast Citizenship.
    Where her husband will apply for his visa?
    what country?
    Once she mail her copy of N/Certificate with NOA they will upgrade, and before they make any decision they will go through both the files to make sure all information and documentations meet the requirements of the Immigration Laws, governed by the INA, CFR, and FAM. to make sure that every thing is ok. In some cases they will mail the info to her and will start working in the information on file. Wish her best of luck.

  10. #10
    Hi Dastur:

    I worked with USIS Lahore, Pak for 21 year and got SIV in 1999. I came on SE1, Spouse SE2 and all kids on SE3. My older daugher was 17 at that time when she came to US. So after completing her residence requiement, she applied N-400 as it is required for all over 18 applicants. Her husband is in Pakistan and working for US Consulate in Karachi. His visa will be procesed in Islamabad.

    From your discussion, it appears you are also working for USG, if yes, are you working in Bahrain. Do you know Rasool Mugabi, he was Admin. Management Assistant in USIS and participated with me in a training in 1993 in WashDC.

    Is Donna Winton stil there?

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