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Thread: What Is WAIVER means??

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    HI... can i adjust status using a waiver? cause the petitioner is very sick?

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    HI... can i adjust status using a waiver? cause the petitioner is very sick?

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    iyay, if you have several questions, please stay in one thread so it is easier to follow.

    In order to answer your questions we need more information. When did you enter the US and how? Are you currently still in status? What is your marital status? What exactly happened to your petitioner? Have you filed anything yet and if so, what?
    I am not a lawyer nor do I claim to be one so please double-check any information given by me, or anyone else for that matter, with a certified (immigration)lawyer before you take any further steps.

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    How is the petitioner related to you? Why are you considering converting to an employment based visa petition?

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    I haven't seen a single case denied by BCIS; Grints get away with law every time!!!

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    ok.. my mom is K-3 and me and my brother and sister are K-4... ok.. we arrived here last January of the present year.. the INS gave us 2 years os stay.. my mom and my step dad is married for almost 3 years, then we recive a letter from my step dad that he can't anymore support us because of his health.. right now we filed a working permit and we are waiting for the result if that is approved or no..

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    Seems to me that not only you, your brother and sister, but also your Mum will need to secure another sponsor or a co-sponsor to be in compliance. Are you all living in the same household? Are there any relatives who would be willing to co-sponsor all of you? If your step Dad is unhealthy and incapable of working, does your Mum have working permit and does the family own a home and any other assets which might meet the USCIS guidelines?

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    ok.. the thing is we can't find our step dad.. we don't know were he is.. and rght now my mom and us is waiting for the result of the the working permit that we filed.. we don't have any relatives here. how can we survive here? then I check our status in uscis this is what we found out this.. what this means?? we have no IDEA.. what is a waiver?

    On April 9, 2004, this case was reopened on a BCIS motion, and the case is now in process. It is taking between 60 and 90 days for us to process this kind of case. We will mail you a decision as soon as processing is complete.

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    Let me see if we can get all the facts, so that others can post opinions and pehaps give you some direction.
    Step dad is USC, married Mum and brought her and your siblings here on K-3.
    What was the last petition filed by Mum and step dad? Do you know the form type?
    When was the petition you checked on with USCIS filed?
    Did USCIS mention to you something about filing a waiver?
    When did step dad disappear?
    You said step dad was ill, is this what he told you to explain his disappearance?
    What state are you in?

    A waiver is a means to proceed with permanent residency if a marriage to a USC ends for a number of reasons. The reasons are specific, and may not apply in all cases. We need more information from you in order to know how to advise.

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