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Thread: work permit on a visa

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    Hi, I have another question... How and Can someone get a work permit on a travlers visa?

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    Hi, I have another question... How and Can someone get a work permit on a travlers visa?

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    You have to have a visa that allows you to work -- B1/B2 does not allow working.

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    So if someone came here and is still here currently on a travlers visa, is there any way to get a work permit?

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    Yes, by changing status from B to the one that allows employment, like H or J.

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    ...however, it's extrmely difficult to obtain either an H or a J visa, as they're always oversubscribed. Furthermore, it's almost impossible to obtain a work-authorized visa from within the United States when you're admitted on a B-1/B-2 tourist visa.

    I would strongly advise that you don't work in America unless you're specifically authorized to do so. Accepting unauthorized employment will result in your B-1/B-2 visa being canceled...and you will have difficulty reentering the country in the future.

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    Thank you for your responses... I figured just the much the same but wanted input, My question pertained to a friend of the family here on a travler visa and I have advised her not to work until and if she can get a work permit because doing so, blunty put, would be stupid as she would be putting her stautus of being admitted legally in jepordy.. Now I understand that its a hard process to go thru in order to obtain the work permit, but may I ask how will she get that started if she chooses? Again I appriciate all of your help

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    Work-authorized visas are generally issued only to those with special skills or high levels of education. To be eligible for an H-1b visa, you must be sponsored by a company that has certified with the Labor Department that the job in question is unable to be filled by a suitably-qualified American. This is a long and complicated process.

    Additionally, even with Labor Department certification, the number of available H-1b visas is limited, and can be difficult to obtain.

    It seems that your family's friend came to America with the intention of immigrating illegally...which means that she obtained and used a B-1/B-2 tourist visa under false pretenses.

  9. #9
    I would probley venture to imagine the same which upsets me since I dont neccesarily believe in the way she seems to think that she has the given right to go about this.. I have advised her against working in any way the would put her tourist visa in jepordy and one can only hope that she takes the advise but if not, then the burden will lay on her.. Again thank you for your input..

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    Certain parts of the country allow seasonal employment to non-US residents. For example Ski Resorts usually start recruiting overseas this time of the year to gear up for the ski seasons. The work is temporary and the permit only allows employment in the seasonal job. Perhaps your friend can explore this option, but as suggested by the posters, she is better off not until there is a change in the visa type done in a legal manner.

    Good luck!

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