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Thread: My Immigration Fraud Story

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by SeanPatrick:
    I just wanted to say I met Sean when he only had a box of **** to his name. He is now my best friend. I am very familiar with immigration fraud as my mom is a victim too. I can say without a doubt that Sean's wife is not convincing at all. This woman can't even look me in the eye anymore after everything that has come up throughout this process

    I am Spanish American and so is my mom. My step father left her homeless with two kids and broke after he became a U.S. resident. I was also a victim of spousal abuse. Remember, I am American I had bruises from side to side on my neck and the police didn't do anything to help me and I'm American. Sean's wife admitted she hit him and that Sean did not hit her back. She's a fake that has now tried to spin up emotional abuse now. After leaving an abusive husband, I went back to school and in my school they have E.S.L classes I was single for about four years after my divorce. A Mexican man at the school came to me and was very forthcoming about paying me $10,000 to marry him to help him become a U.S,. resident. He said he had a girlfriend who was also illegal and he was desperate to stay in country with his family. He offered me $10,000 in cash and invited me to move into a room in his home to live with his family. It was crazy and I have heard single moms talk about getting married for papers just for money as well. It happens and it's a business. Then you have immigrant women who come from other countries that "butter" up a nice and caring man like Sean and take advantage of him. So why pay the $10,000 dollars right? I can honestly say that about him knowing him and his wife for 10 months now.

    I don't call everyone my friend and I'm proud to have him be my man and we are moving on with our lives. This women is a completely different person when she thinks nobody is watching or listening in. I had to chime in finally and the woman just froze in her tracks and hung up the phone. I heard her demands clear as day and what she wanted was for Sean to help her with her papers for his son's benefit . I've seen real abuse at shelters where I once stayed and worked myself. This woman is not an abused woman emotional or other wise. It isn't right what these people do to families for there own selfish needs. I can feel Sean's pain as he has been pushed through a legal system completely oblivious to immigration fraud.

    I never married an immigrant as i was taught by my mom and five brothers back home in Chicago to beware. You will never know what intentions these people have when you marry them or anybody for that matter but, it just hurts more when you are used and thrown away like trash. It's not worth the risk to marry an immigrant. I would never treat a DOG the way Sean has been treated by his wife and the judicial system. I heard with my own "EARS" what she wanted. I was hopeful that Sean's marriage would work out, but this women clearly wanted to string Sean along for financial gain and for him to go along with her lies by writing a letter to immigration. You know Sean has been nothing but truthful. I come from Chicago where this is big business, I can't say enough about this. It is a BIG problem and unless people open there EYES and really pay attention to real abuse cases maybe there will be less home foreclosures homeless children and people taking advantage of these flawed laws we would be better off. Every case is different i get that. I have worked in women's battered shelters too and have seen women with broken bones,bruised,women who were really abused and had enough courage to get out. I have also seen women like Sean's wife. Sean's soon to be Ex-wife cried wolf and everybody came running. She was yelling at him telling him buy me this and buy me that. Sean bought her food and caved in to her every demand at first. She didn't look scared fighting and cursing at him. Sean really wanted to save his marriage and he didn't wake up until he and my children saw the new man living in the home he bought for his family. It made me sick to see Sean running to fulfill her every demand and I wanted to slap him. You haven't seen this woman nose to nose with Sean like I have. You haven't heard what I have heard.

    Also, if Sean decides to get married or not,that is none of anyone's business. We decide that not you Sprint Girl. I'm not pressuring Sean into anything and he choses to be with me because I loved him unconditionally when he had nothing. I have had to put up with her supporters calling me trash and a gold digger which is far from the truth.

    Judges here are completely oblivious to this immigration "BS". Try doing what Sean's wife did to him in Chicago now days. The judicial system really looks at every case with a critical eye now as the system is overloaded with DV cases that are clearly frivolous. I can't believe how naive the system is here for real and Sean does have a chance to annul this marriage. Remember, his wife will need to prove emotional abuse if she plans to go that way with no credible proof of physical abuse. She will need Doctor's statements as well, but maybe she can just write her own statement with the degree in Psychology she claims to hold. That alone is grounds for marriage fraud as she misrepresented her academic credentials. Sean only became suspicious of her academic credentials after he caught her claiming to hold other college degrees during her job search shortly after she received her work visa. I read the court transcripts and this woman claimed to hold college degrees in front of the judge. Come to find out, this woman doesn't even have a college degree.

    To be honest with you I really didn't want Sean talking about all of this in public. It has hurt me to see him talk about his wife so much, but I know he is hurting and speaking about everything helps him deal with the pain With all that said, I hope this doesn't happen to you or anyone you love. I'm just keeping it real, Sean's wife is a fake. I know it and she knows it as well. Last week I sat straight across from her when Sean was playing with his son at the county during a child custody review. The social worker told his wife that his son loved his father and that they had a good time together. She didn't want to hear any of this which I could tell by her reaction. It's sad to see this baby being used by Sean's wife as a tool for sympathy and control. If she loved her son, she wouldn't be seeking sole custody because this child is emotionally attached to his father. Sean isn't trying to take the child away from his mother. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
    to Sean and Cindy,
    I want both of you to listen very carefully. No one here is harming you. No one here is hating you. We are not the ones who need convincing one way or the other. That is what the judicial system is for.

    If you are here to create sympathy for him because you believe him, it will show that his divorce argument is weak and he may not be saying the total truth, just what he wants us to hear. However, if Sean has questions about immigration process without being vindictive, the posters here will answer them. It may not be the answers he wants to hear, but it will be the answers.

    The storyline about immigrants etc is actually BS. Whether the person is an immigrant or not does not insinuate their intentions nor hostilities. And since you are freom Chicago, it could be perceived in the Chicano culture that Hispanics from Latin America have been and continually inscribed as second class citizens or lowere immigrants because of where they come from. This is especially ture from a Castilian point of view in the Chicano culture, at least from the 1970's and 80's that I know of.

    Sean really needs to discuss these things with certified counselor, not a public forum per se.
    "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre

  2. #92
    Thanks for everyone's feedback and for entertaining this topic regardless of your point of view. Here is my last blog entry on this issue until everything has been settled.

    I have written everything I needed to write about this issue as well. My primary goal is to keep working towards obtaining joint custody of my son and to be successfull in every aspect of my life going forward. I'll wait until everything is setteled in regards to custody before persuing civil actions. All reports and court transcripts will be published for the world to see when everything is over and done with.

    I'm up early today to accompany a friend to file articles of incorporation. Let stones crack and the tempest (residency seeker) roar like Helen Reddy. Out of the fuedal abyss away from the injustice and selfish ambitions... Watch me rise! This is for my son, my new significant others and I. The I-134 means as much to me as the marriage vows meant to the residency seeker. I may be an alienated citizen in my own country, but from today forward I live in my own domain away from the vultures and the oppressors.

    How I'm compensated for the creation and transfer of intellectual property based on ideas and intangible abstract representations is up to me. Nobody is going to put a superficial monetary value on my thoughts. Actions intended to harm and control me have set me free. I gave the residency seeker freedom and in return I was used, cast aside and unsuccessfully blackmailed. The residency seeker thought I could be controlled under the threat of financial damage and loss of physical property. The only ism I'll be marching to is individualism...

    Lastly, I give thanks to those in my life that have helped and supported me when my existence consisted of a box of sh1t and a world of complexity. The ones that should have been there but were not can kiss my a$$. You misjudged me and have been fooled by a manipulative and decietful person to realize their own American dreams with complete disregard to others. The residency seeker had their own American dream from the onset which ultimately excluded my role when my services were no longer required.

    The only asset remaining is my new family unit including my son. It's priceless and nobody can take that away from me. We are united and won't be divided. Watch them prosper as I work for them by proxy. Nobody is going to ride on my success and hard work unless I want them to. If my home, my car and the money taken was not enough, educate yourself and get a job... That's the foundation of the American dream.

    Grounds for a Marriage Annulment:

    1. The residency seeker did not enter the marriage in good faith.

    2. The residency seeker misrepresented her academic background and claimed to hold a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Psychology. She wasn't the person she said she was as I confirmed with the University of Rafael Landivar in Guatemala. A Judge and a private school now know the truth as well.

  3. #93

    Immigration Crime Victim Advocates (ICVA) is now working with the Federal Government (various entities) to combat immigration/marriage fraud, and protect victims, witnesses & informants.
    ICVA is also accepting statements from Victims/Witnesses/Informants ----> to be submitted to an Oversight Committee, to expose (1) Immigration/Marriage Fraud, (2) Victim/Witness/Informant Retaliation & Tampering (including making false allegations of abuse, malicious lawsuits, etc.) and (3) Corrupt, unlawful or inept Policies and Regulations.
    If you are a victim, witness, informant or know someone who is, please contact ICVA for more information. You can find the victim fb group at /881376291933806/ or the fb page by a search for Immigration Crime Victim Advocates. They also have a website.

    Victims of Immigration Fraud (VOIF) is also working with Senate Oversight, and just had a hearing for k-1 visa fraud victims. It can be found on the Senate Judicial Oversight Committee website. VOIF has lobbyists who also advocate for victims of fraud and is an excellent org to go to tell your story and be a part of their activities. Their fb group is at /VOIF.Support/ and can be found by searching for Victims of Immigration Fraud. They also have a website. VOIF has many contacts within the government is working on legislation to protect victims of fraud.

    If you know of any other groups or organizations please reply to the post and add to this thread so everyone has access to the info!

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