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Thread: Time between I-751 Processing Date and Interview

  1. #21
    Read this and weep buddy boy:

    "The couple must also demonstrate that all prior marriages were validly terminated. If the beneficiary previously attempted to gain immigration benefits through a marriage, the INS will have to be satisfied that there was no fraud in the earlier marriage. If there was fraud involved in an earlier marriage there is a permanent bar against gaining benefits though a later marriage.

    As additional protection against marriage fraud, "conditional" permanent resident status is given to a foreign national with a marriage that is less than two years in duration at the time of case approval. This means that the permanent resident status is only valid for two years and a further petition must be filed to remove the condition. Again, the couple must provide documentation to demonstrate the validity of the relationship. Essentially, the INS does a two-year review of the marriage to see how the couple conducted themselves."

  2. #22
    Save your money Michael. Forget Law school and anything related to investigations.

    Those lawyers took your money too. Told you what you wanted to hear. Same for Immigration. do you think they would tell you how people get around this and give admittance to such? You left with a smile on your face thinking that you were victorious. You brought them evidence.. now its their job. but now there is no 751. There is a 485 AOS. Her new interview will be vigorous... but even if she is not sucessful at 1st shot .. she will appeal and most likely win. She will say her marriage intent with you was bonafide and claim you were a NUTCASE. (of course we know thats not true) but thats what she will say. I am so sorry to tell you this. She definitely would have a problem if she had not gotten married and had that baby. but she is a smart girl, and probably withdrew the 751 unless she was being greedy. and that always backfires.

  3. #23
    Well that as I have pointed out repeatedly she did and it will backfire. ANd you are 100 % wrong about I-751. From the I-751 form itself:

    Effect of Not Filing. If this petition is not filed, you will automatically lose your permanent resident status as of the second
    anniversary of the date on which you were granted this status. You will then become removable from the United States. If your failure to file was through no fault of your own, you may file your petition late with a written explanation and request that INS excuse the late filing. Failure to file before the expiration date may be excused if you
    demonstrate when you file the application that the delay was due to extraordinary circumstances beyond your control and that the length of the delay was reasonable.

  4. #24
    No lawyer took any money for immigration advice

  5. #25
    OMG Michael

    Despite how you carry on at times.. I always considered you highly intelligent. Dont disappoint me and make me question my judgement.


    751 merely removes conditions from a 2yr greencard. If conditions are removed.. alien then get 10yrs card. If conditions are not removed.. alien is or can become removable. Not the end of the world. maleesh

    Alien can fix situation by
    filing 751 waiver and hope for the best. If waiver fails.. be smart and marry another USC to file for new AOS. ( or withdraw 751 before or in case it is denied)

    Alien can divorce..skip 751 and marry new usc and file new AOS.(most common)

    Peice of cake unless....
    If alien has marraige fraud allegations in their file.. it will be more difficult to adjust status thru 2nd marriage interview. However must have been proved & convicted in criminal court for alien not to be able to do so. If CIS is just denying.. smart alien will appeal and take case before IJ. Now go to the head of the class.. you guessed it. Probably will get their papers.. oh yes.. baby will help solidify that current marriage is bonafide.. depends on IJ.

    Comprende now Amigo?

    Now your wife was so smart she was stupid.(arrogance with intelligence will bring u down everytime) She left all kinds of hard evidence that she had committed fraud according to you. But I dont see CIS taking her to court... and I bet she is sporting a new greencard at this moment with new hubby.

  6. #26

    I know you want it to be true but it is not... 4now is correct.


  7. #27
    I guess we will see won't we

  8. #28
    Look Mr Spock.....(minus the brains) we all know why your wife really left you......get over all of the 519 posts you have made, you have failed miserably to convince us that you don't need tweezers to have a w-a-n-k!!!

  9. #29
    so mature

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