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Thread: Time between I-751 Processing Date and Interview

  1. #11
    I meant Dec 2002- February 2003; they are now on December 2002

  2. #12
    As you know Vermont was previously running at 24 months and now appears to be back at 18-19 month timeline.

    What makes you think your ex has filed for a waiver???? she very well may never have filed for it. If she is married now, she probably simply applied for AOS under new marriage. Any lawyer would have told her that. end of story.

    Your letters to Vermont will all be in her file when the case comes up for review. And no you will never get a response from Vermont. Her file will go to the local office for review unless of course it has been closed due to withdrawal by her. If she has withdrawn her ap/751 petition. Of course her new 485 will be looked at more closely , but in the end she will get to stay most likely. sorry, but thats just the way it goes.

  3. #13
    4now of course you are totally wrong. She MUST file an I-751. She can not simply remarry and get a new green card. If it were that easy, everyone would do it. If a person has attempted to get a green card through a fraudulant marriage, they are permanmently barred from ever getting a green card. I do believe she also believed that she could avoid the new I-751, however that is incorrect. I happen to know for a fact that she filed an I-751 and I strongly believe that they will revoke her card.

  4. #14
    And don't forget 50 % of all NTC marriage based visas get rejected

  5. #15
    Thats NYC

  6. #16
    I think it is statements like 4now is what drives the I-751; they THINK they can trick America but they fall for the traps

  7. #17
    Dear Dear now Michael

    I think you should give up pursuing that law career... at least if you plan on specializing in immigration. ;-)

    What ever made you think everyone had to file a 751 just to remarry????? People get divorced and remarried all day long before conditions are removed. Do you know some aliens never get Permant 10yrs card b/c that have keep getting married.. And yes Michael almost everyone does do that. At least the smart ones do.

    I am very well aware of the fraudulent marriage provisions. &
    If your Ex is smart .. even if she filed .. she would withdraw once her marriage took place. If she is being greedy trying to get the 10yrs card... then deservingly she may get burned b/c of the fraud allegations. If she was smart.. she withdrew it and did new AOS with husband.
    no 751.... nos issues then. End of story.

    Wake up my boy. Learn how the game is played... You may have to be an immigrant in another country someday. u never know. Better get Saavy.

    In anyway...Shes probably going to stay.. get used to the idea.

    Meanwhile.. try going out and finding a nice beautiful arab muslim girl to make you happy.
    She will stay with you for life and not trick you like those other girls.

  8. #18
    She can't file for AOS; and I know for a fact she filed I-751. If you can not remove conditions on a marriage then that kills a new AOS. You just don't understand. Of course she can stay illegally; by definition anyone can do something illegal. The point is I believe she will lose the green card and never be allowed a new one.

  9. #19

    Your beliefs are totally wrong, an alien can file a new AOS if a new marriage takes place, the previous marriage only nullifies the alien if it was concluded that it was consumated to get immigration benefits, and even if USCIS closes the cases because of fraud at the second AOS USCIS has a HEAVY BURDEN OF PROOF to demonstrate that they made the appropriate fraud conclusion, not long ago yo yourself brought up here an article that was posted on ILW about this!

  10. #20
    Keep telling that to yourself ! You think they made up the 2 year conditional status just for the **** of it. I know better and deep down so do you. You I-751 think everyone is stupid enough to believe you. I have spoken to immigration and to several lawyers and the conclusion is always the same. Half of all marriage petitions are denied in NYC and thats a fact.

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