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Thread: Time between I-751 Processing Date and Interview

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    Anyone know how long it is between the I-751 processing date and the interview (in case of divore) ? Is it immediate ? A month ? 6 months ?

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    Anyone know how long it is between the I-751 processing date and the interview (in case of divore) ? Is it immediate ? A month ? 6 months ?

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    On our receipt it said at least 11 months to process. It actualy took 18 months to get the interview from the time we filed.

  4. #4
    So 7 months after it was processed ?

  5. #5
    Now Michael you know this will all depend on what Service center you use. Cant just say 7 months/ 18 months. It will fowllow the timeline of the particular Serv. Center.

    The interview will be decided when our file comes up for review. At that point they will send it to the local office and call for an interview.

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    In addition to 4now comments, once the file is transfered to the local office for an interview another timeline starts...

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    Well thats my question; what is the timeline ?

  9. #9
    Well Michael

    What is your service center and when did you file?

  10. #10
    SHE filed between December 2002 and March 2002 at Vermont; They are now doing December 2002. I sent a couple of letters to Vermont and to the NYC offices. Never heard a word. I even sent a letter to FBI before I understood the process. So I expect her file to be processed in the next three months and was wondering when her interview would be. I get monthly checks from her new husband paying off the lawsuits and was wondering what she will do if they bring up my letters.

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