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Thread: Postmark Date

  1. #1
    If I want to mail out the N400 2 days earlier, would INS reject it? Should postmark date be the same as the eligibility date?

  2. #2
    If I want to mail out the N400 2 days earlier, would INS reject it? Should postmark date be the same as the eligibility date?

  3. #3
    alex05. if you read the instructions it clearly say that you can file 90 days prior to your five years.

  4. #4
    I know that, Adam. My questions is: for example, if 90 days prior to 5 years is July 29, if I mail out the application on July 25, would they reject it?

  5. #5
    While I understand that you are anxious to become an American, I don't think that you should take the chance that USCIS will receive your application before you are eligible...otherwise, they will reject your application.

    Why not wait the extra couple of days, and mail your application once your eligibility is assured? That seems like the sensible thing to do. I know that you would be disappointed to receive your returned application in the, wait until you are eligible!!

  6. #6
    yes, you are right. I will mail it out on the same day as the eligibility date. Thanks.

  7. #7
    You have not read the instruction carefuly or you did not understand the eligible part of the instruction.
    Unless you are eligible you can not apply for the citizenship, I thought you are asking if you can apply 2 days before 60 months.
    SunDevilUSA: thanks You for making the guy under stand the question.

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