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Thread: I-751

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    I've read several good news about I-751 approved here.
    I have a question about submitting evidence of relationship; the form asks for an affidavits sworn to or affirmed by at least 2 persons who know the applicant bla bla..., where do I get this form or this is just something we create?
    thanks for your time,


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    Good day.
    You are not required to submit the affidavits of sworn, some people send, some people don't, I sent 3 letters from 3 couples.
    Read the following link carefully, it has everything you need with different examples.

    good luck

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    Thank you much INStress.
    Have a good day,


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    Oh, I have another question.
    Is there a way to renew reentry permit?
    My wife gets her reentry permit last month after 13 months of waiting, and it's good only until end of Nov of 2004. This is her GC expiration date. Originally, she applies for it so she can go back to Philippines to visit her family, but it is no good now because the Philippines requires a travel document must not be expired 6 months from the date of returning.
    We are so upset thinking that we'll wait for another year when appying for a new travel document.
    thanks in advance,


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    Hi nguyen man

    Here are some examples of affidavite / support letters...

    Another proof that can be used is to have letters from relatives and friends that confirm that they think that your marriage is a happy one. The I-751 form stipulates that such letters should:
    " be done by a US citizen or permanent resident who has known you since the time of your wedding.
    " list the date and place of birth, and contact information of the person signing the letter.
    " the letter should have a notarized signature.
    " at least two letters should be submitted. (you can of course submit more than two)

    Here are some example letters that might be written for this purpose:

    " #1: To whom it may concern:
    My date of birth is 7/13/46 and I was born in Glasgow, KY 42141.
    Please be advised that I have known (name of US citizen) since 1992, and (name of immigrant spouse) since their marriage in June, 1998.
    I have entertained them in my home and maintain regular contact with them.
    They demjonstrate an ongoing sound, felicitous relationship and i anticipate their marriage will remain a lifetime commitment.

    " To whom it may concern:
    This is written in regards to my observation that (name of happily married couple) live happily together as husband and wife. (immigrant's) son (name of k-2 child) also lives in the home and has his own room in the downstairs living quarters.
    I have spent time in their household every two weeks or so since right after (US citizen spouse) and (immigrant spouse) were married. We have spent time together on a regular basis more or less as friends. to the best o my knowledge they seem to operate as a very happy family.
    (immigrant spouse) and (US citizen spouse) appear to be very devoted to one another and their children which is evident each time that I visit their home. Their home environment is very comfortable and relaxes with the happiness within showing outward in each member of the family.
    If you have any questions ro comments please feel free to contact me at the following information:
    (contact information included date and place of birth)
    thank you for the opportunity to share this information with you.

    " To whom it may concern:
    This letter will confirm that (name of happily married couple) have a joint account at (name of stockbroker). (US citizen spouse) has had an account with us since 1993, and upon their marriage they established ajoint account by combining assets. (immigrant spouse) and (US citizen spouse) have maintained their joint account since July of 1998.
    It is an absolute pleasure to work with (immigrant spouse) and (US citizen spouse). Each time we do our review, I find they seem to have so much in common. Together, they are very focusued on their long term goals. It makes my job so much easier.
    I have known (US citizen spouse) for over 10 years. My date of birth is ******, and I was born here in Boomfaddle, TN. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


    And here I am copying and pasting one of my reply that will hopefully guide u little bit abt what evidences u can file to support I 751....

    thanks AK 500 and everyone...

    well herewith i m writing what i did.... went to Staples .... got all stuff .... well of course couldnt find readymade so ...

    I took ACCO fastners ... attached all documents with two-hole punch on top... got self-adhesive tabs and got readymade plasit stickers... slide into those tabs...and placed in a nice way on bottom .... bought little hard papers to put in between attachments for separation.......

    once i did all of this... well i m gonna give here table so u can see it... very first page was my index paper...i took self-adhesive lamination kit.... and i typed that index paper ( very first) on thick greeting card paper and laminated that one....and put as very first page for reference... of course with 2 hole punch.... here is example of cover letter and index paper...i hope it might guide someone out there for good...thanks...Pasha

    March 30, 2004
    USINS Texas Service Center
    P.O. BOX 850965 Mesquite,
    TX 75185-0965


    Patel Pasha A# ***-***-***

    Dear Immigration officer,

    Enclosed please find a JOINT I-751 petition for removal of conditions of permanent resident status regarding my husband, Patel Pasha.

    Please also find a check for $145, the fee for this form. My husband entered the US on a CR1 (Direct Counselor Filing). We are happily living together and request that this petition be accepted for removal of conditions on the residence of my husband Patel Pasha.
    Enclosed also please find the following documents to verify the status of our marriage and ongoing relationship:

    . Copy of green card of my husband Pasha Patel and our social security cards.

    " Copy of our passports

    " Copy of our marriage certificate

    " Copy of our drivers' license showing same address, YMCA membership cards as family

    " Copy of the federal and state tax returns for 2002 and 2003

    " Copy of health insurance coverage

    " Copy of car insurance policy

    " Copy of master cards showing a joint account.

    " Copy of bank statements from august 2002 to march 2004 showing joint bank account in The ************ Bank

    " Four original letters written and notarized by friends and family, attesting to our relationship and marriage.

    " Copy of few greeting cards with good wishes and blessings on our marriage.

    " Copy of invoice of Carnival Cruise Line we went to Bahamas and other copies of cards and boarding pass for that cruise, copy of passport showing visa and entry - exit stamps in Mauritius we spent vacation in January 2003. copy of hotel bill in Mauritius...

    " Copy of itinerary for a vacation to Europe (Grand Europe Tour by SOTC) that we have planned in April 2004.

    " Copy of different mails received by us at the same address.

    " Copy of photographs together and with friends and family at various occasions like in India at my husband Pasha's place, New Delhi, Mauritius, Bahamas on cruise, cousin's wedding in Chicago, brother-in-law's wedding in India, our wedding and reception etc.

    You may feel free to inquire at any of the sources of enclosed documentation for validity of their statements, and you are always welcome to visit our home should you ever desire to do so. Please advise me if you have any further questions or problems related to this petition.

    ***x Patel



    I - 751 / Removal of conditions on PR

    Applicant's Name:- Patel Pasha

    INS A#:- ***-***-***

    Social Security #:- ***-xx-***x

    Index ...Contents
    A..........Cover letter

    B..........I - 751 application and 145$ check

    C..........Copy of green card and our SSN cards

    D..........Copy of our passports

    E..........Copy of marriage certificate

    F..........Copy of our Drivers' licenses and YMCA membership Cards as family.

    G..........Copy of TAX returns (2002 / 2003)

    H..........Copy of Health Insurance Policy

    I..........Copy of Car Insurance Policy

    J..........Copy of Bank / Credit card statements
    K..........Notarized letters from friends and family

    L..........Greeting cards / Wishes on our wedding

    M..........Mails received at same address

    N..........Invoices / other documents (like entry-exit stamps in our passport) about vacations / trips together and travel itinerary of Grand Europe Tour we are going in May 2004

    O..........Photographs of different occasions like at my husband's home in India, our wedding and reception, New Delhi trip, Mauritius, Bahamas on cruise, cousin's wedding in Chicago, brother-in-law's wedding in India etc.


    If her GC expires in November 2004 means u will have to file I 751 in September 2004... its already end of August... so there is nothing to worry...wait for little bit...file I -751 first... I got my NOA in less than 10 days after filing I-751 (which allows conditional resident to travel for one more year) and u r set to go....

    I would not advise her to travel outside USA before getting NOA (Notice of Application)'s a matter of couple of more days not even a month...Wish u all the best...Pasha

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    This is a great information. I wish I had this before.

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    nguyen man,

    How long does your wife plan on visiting the Philippines for that she needs a reentry permit? I guess I am confused as to why she needs a reentry permit to visit the Philippines? Is she planning to "visit" for an extended period of time that would jeopardize her PR status?

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    The Affidavit of sworn do not have to be notarized, there is nothing about that on the I-751 application.

  9. #9
    Good Job pasha as always


    beg to differ with you on that. The statements should not only be notarized, but need to include date of birth and place of birth of person writing the letter of attestation.

    These letters are entered into the file as evidence. The notarization makes them as testimony. USCIS reserves the right to interview these people for their statements if they so desire.

    Sure people submit some of the letters un notarized from time to time . However, iIt makes a more solid evidence it they are notarized, and 2 for sure should be notarized.

    Pasha has given excellent examples to follow. More is better and notarized is better.

    N-400 application does not mention marriage documentation either when applying based on marriage.. but be assured without proof of ongoing marriage that the citizenship will not be approved.

  10. #10
    Thanks 4now ...

    Hi INstress ...

    people send those support letters without notarization also but its better to send them notarized... I read both versions ... sending notarized letters / letters without notary stamp ... so u can go both way...but I would recommend get it notarized... have a great day...Pasha

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