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Thread: Any Lawyer that Really Help??

  1. #1
    Does any one Knows a Really Really but Really good Immigration Lawyers in Miami BEach???? and honest?
    Please help me out
    Sweet zendy

  2. #2
    Does any one Knows a Really Really but Really good Immigration Lawyers in Miami BEach???? and honest?
    Please help me out
    Sweet zendy

  3. #3
    You are pregnant and having hard time to pay immigration fees for your spouse in the first place. Do you realize how much "Really Really but Really good Immigration Lawyer" will charge you? You better be one of those lucky owners in the trailer park that just sold their trailers for over 1 million each.

  4. #4
    1st of all you moran .. get a life..
    second of all .. go and **** you Girl frien-boyfriend ... because you are paying to much attention to other peoples life that maybe your dad maybe ****ing her/him.. your *** *** face..
    and last and not least .. you witch to be leaving in a House like mine... /( 4 rooms/2 leaving room.. large, labrary,, swimming pool,gym,,tennis,basketball court...) SO NEXT TIME ,, WATCH YOUR STEPS AND DONT STEP IN **** ....
    Sweet zendy

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    Can you read what you just wrote? Please, you can not be that uneducated. You got yourself a dial up. You have to be smart enough to use spell check.
    You have no idea what I was reffering to.
    Watching CNN does help.
    And do not tell me that you graduated from college. It will break my heart .

  6. #6
    It has to do for what you need to attorney for.

    My personal advice is, do your very own have to understand if you are looking for an immigration attorney, you make sure the attorney is indeed an immigration attorney and is fully focused on it and it should be his/her main topic and issues in the firm.

    Many Lawyers take few classes and seminars and claim to be "immigration lawyers" but have indeed no knowledge at all nor experience, and not to mention being updated with the Immigration law that changes constantly.

    Never go to an attorney who claims and has listed 20 topics he is an expert in...

    You do not wanna go to an attorney that may be great with Divorce, Accidents, Taxes and death cases and in addition claims "immigration". . .

    Contact some lawyers that r on your list u are interested in and contact them with few questions...or get a consulation. And ask tough a consultation you are actually interview the lawyer, you ask him all u wanna know. How long he has been in practice, and how much of his practice deals with immigration (examples) tell him about your case and ask him if he or she ever deal with that kinda stuff, if yes, ask for results...and while you talk you will get the feeling right away if this lawyer is the right one.

    And very important, if it has to do with with court issues and complicated cases - the attorney will charge you hourly...and otherwise a "good attorney" will give you a fixed amount you have to pay,regardless how long it takes....but make sure you ask that!!!

    Hope that helps a little!

  7. #7
    thanks Sweetie..

    your been helpful... and thank you again for your advice..
    Sweet zendy

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  9. #9

    The American Immigration Lawyers Assn has a referral system

    maybe try them

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