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Thread: interesting report about why we are all here

  1. #1

    this doesn't really give any new news, but it's the official report from 2001 on basically why the INS is so bad.

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    this doesn't really give any new news, but it's the official report from 2001 on basically why the INS is so bad.

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    There're only 2 reasons why ppl enter the US:
    1) Get $$$
    2) Stay with family

    Everything else is just a variation of the above. Simple as that.

  4. #4
    The report is meaningless. The INS is no longer. Or haven't you been paying attention?

    -= nav =-

  5. #5
    the INS is no longer in name, but that doesn't mean it has gone away. and the point is that those issues are still relevant.

  6. #6
    marmaduk, what i mean by "why we are all here" is not why we are in this country, but why we are on a forum discussing why it takes 21 months to get a simple form processed.

  7. #7
    I don't care.

    Money should be spent on adding more agents to the border. Once the border is secure THEN we can add more funds to immigration agencies.

    Homeland security comes first.

    -= nav =-

  8. #8
    do you realize with the money it would cost to secure the border completely, the way you are talking, there would be no money for anything else, including the military? it's impossible to completely secure the border, the country is just too big. remember, the 9/11 hijackers didn't even sneak in the country. they came here legally. which is exactly why it's important to spend money on immigration services, to weed out legitimate immigrants from terrorists and other criminals. they don't spend enough money on that now, which is why you have incompetent INS/BCIS whatever you want to call it officials who are processing forms and deporting legitimate people while allowing in illegitimate people. personally, i think they're both important (as someone who is trying to get through the LEGAL immigration process) but it's naive and thoughtless to say 'just secure the border and everything will be fine'.

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