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Thread: I 360 Vawa petition advice

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    Hello everyone. am new to this site and i went through some of the discussion and i hope that you can be of help to me in a way.
    i am from kenya, i got married to my american husband in my country be fore i came here to the united states.
    we have been married for 5 years now and we have a daughter together. i have a son from a previous relationship, but my husband has not yet adopted him.
    when we got here, my husband became very abusive and was an alcoholic. i have been separated from him for 1 and a half years now. we got into a fight and he tried to choke me, but i grabbed his pony tail and for that i ended up being arrested even though the police know about me since i had called them previously on numerous occasions.
    i was oredered not to go back to my husbands house and he has a restarining order against me. i had one for him when he got arrested but i droppped the charges for fear of what himand his family would do to me..
    i knew no one in this country since i was never allowed to leave the house. i had no friends and the only people that knew of my situation was my family back home.
    i applied for an I 360 after i got a letter in the mail almost 4 months after i left my husband that my green card was denied and i was instructed to leave the country.
    my I1360 was approved and i was given 180 days to file evidence.
    i did just that and i even got the police records i had on him. i sent it all to Vermont, but to date no one has responded to me yet.
    My visa expired in december and my green card was denied because he renounced his sponsor ship. my son got his GC and am so thankful to God that he did not ruin his future.
    MY problem is at the moment, my work permit has expired, my drivers license, and my visa. i fear to get around..and also the letter from USCI vermont granting me 180 days to file my paperwork also expired.
    how do i work while i wait for the petitioon to be granted? and howdoi go abt it?
    he currently has temp custody of our 4 year old daughter and my son. i havent seen them since i was taken away that night its been 1 year and 7 months...please help me...

  2. #2
    Hi and welcome to the forum,

    Hopefully, you have enough evidence of a bona fide marriage.

    How is your ex keeping your kids away from you, particularly your son who's not even his child?

  3. #3
    Vijourex, welcome. Pardon me but I can see three b.umpy spots in your post. First, why should you be arrested by simply pulling his pony tail if the police knew that he's a wife beater? Second, 180 days is quite long for you to compile documentary evidence to prove to USCIS that he's an abuser. The period expired and you failed to comply, why? Third and last, why was paternal custody of the children granted to him when most custodial court rulings tend to lean toward maternal care during children's tender years?

    Discussion boards like this can sometimes help up to a point, but your case is quite complex you should consult face to face with a lawyer.

  4. #4
    I don't understand how her son was able to get his gc since the husband didn't adopt him.

    Anyway, I agree that a good lawyer is in order at this point.

  5. #5
    Procedurally, that's OK, P. No legal adoption is necessary for a stepchild of a USC to gain immigration benefit. And it's not unheard of for an alien stepchild (derivative beneficiary) to have a GC while the alien parent (principal beneficiary) don't get it at the same time.

  6. #6
    I don't understand how her son was able to get his gc since the husband didn't adopt him.
    Strange... Very strange.

  7. #7
    Go back where you came from and stop adding to the problems we already have with primitive people such as yourself. Bye!!!

  8. #8
    the OP's story sounds like a crock of Brit

  9. #9
    ...but he's probably TALENTED therefore Scott J. shouldn't have any problems with this mess.

  10. #10
    hello bijourex, it is true ur story is not quiet clear to me, and at the same time I understand u youprobably dont wANT to tell too much since we r on the INTERNET.... u need to see a lawyer face to face that would be my first advice to u. secondly evrything is possible with God so i hope u pray him... I have a similar situation but mine is the inverse coz i was the one that was abused....and actually the lady who has made my marriage come to this end is from Kenya....take care and good luck.

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